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Jerusalem News-731

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Jerusalem News-731
4 Adar-1 5768, 10 February 2008
1. Max Rambow: Proposed Solution to Muslim Peril
2. Debka: Osama bin Laden and friends operate from Pakistan?
3. Nazi Allied Lithuania Still Active


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1. Max Rambow : Proposed Solution to Muslim Peril
RE Jerusalem News-728
#1. UK: Security chiefs: we don't have enough spies to tackle terror threat

Shalom Yair
I couldn't help but comment on the UK spies article. Isn't it amazing how our "leaders" are asleep at the switch and allowing our enemies to walk in and set up shop when they could simply block Moslem entry to our countries and then only have to deal with illegal entry. Even Israel, despite the compromises, seems to be resisting national suicide (right of return) while we swallow the poison. We may be a larger entity then Israel but if we just keep swallowing the poison a bit at a time we will succumb in the end or face an unnecessary blood bath if we wake up during the process. G-d help us to wake up sooner rather then later.
Sincerely Max

2. Debka: Osama bin Laden and friends operate from Pakistan?
Islamabad rejects US claim that MullahMullah OmarOmar and Osama bin Laden operate from Pakistan
February 9, 2008, 10:59 AM (GMT+02:00)

According to the US administration official, ?Just as MullahMullah OmarOmar is giving strategic direction for the Taliban from Quetta, capital of Balochistan, the al Qaeda senior leadership carries out its planning in Pakistan?s tribal areas (FATA) on the Afghan border. He named also Zawahri and AbuAbu LaithLaith al-Libi. The latter was killed in January in a suspected US Predator drone strike over NorthNorth WaziristanWaziristan.

There is a threat from these sanctuaries not only west into Afghanistan, said the S official, but to the east into Pakistan and beyond CentralCentral AsiaAsia. One of its gains was the assassination of Pakistan politician BenazirBenazir BhuttoBhutto in December. He found clear links between the insurgency in Afghanistan and Pakistan through the Pashtun tribal link which inhabits the Afghan-Pakistan border.

3. Nazi Allied Lithuania Still Active

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