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Jerusalem News-727

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Jerusalem News-727
25 Shebet 5768, 1 February 2008
1. US Undermines Israel Deterrence Against Iran
2. Palestinian Muslims Persecute Christians
3. Is Someone Watching You ?


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1. US Undermines Israel Deterrence Against Iran
From: David McLeod <>
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-1074

Yossi Klein Halevi says in the New Republic: "America, even under George Bush, is hardly likely to go to war to stop a program many Americans now believe doesn't exist.
An Insult to Intelligence

The Israeli defense community responds to the NIE.

Yossi Klein Halevi,  The New Republic  Published: Thursday, December 06, 2007
Until now, pessimists here could console themselves that a last-resort Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear facilities would likely draw wide international sympathy and even gratitude -very different from the near-total condemnation that greeted Israel's attack on Saddam's reactor in 1981. Now, though, the nie will ensure that if Israel does attack, it will be widely branded a warmonger, and faulted for the inevitable fallout of rising oil prices and increased terror.

The sense of betrayal within the Israeli security system is deep. After all, Israel's great achievement in its struggle against Iran was in convincing the international community that the nuclear threat was real; now that victory has been undone -not by Russia or the European Union, but by Israel's closest ally"

2. Palestinian Muslims Persecute Christians
What Should We all expect (at the least) under Muslim Rule.
Brit-Am Note: The impression gained from talking to "Arab" Christians is that the claims of mistreatment below are if anything UNDERSTATEMENTS!
We received a report of the kidnapping, and torture by Palestinian Muslims of Arab Christian youths.
The Arab Christians are Arab-speaking and often identify as Arabs. They are sometimes of  recent Italian, Greek, French, and other European ancestry. In some cases their ancestry dates back to that of
Byzantine and earlier times from before the Arab conquest. In other cases they may relate to the Crusaders.
This however is not exceptional in the Arab world since a significant proportion of the Moslem so-called "Palestinians" have a much more recent ancestry having come from North Africa, Bosnia, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, etc.

Date: Fri, 01 Feb 2008 06:41:07 +0200
From: Israel Resource News Agency <>
Subject: Persecution of Christians by the PA

Feb. 1st, 2008
David Bedein
Bureau Chief, Israel Resource News Agency
President, Center for Near East Policy Research
Correspondent, Philadelphia Bulletin
Over the past five years, Israel Resource News Agency has gathered documentation which shows evidence of official Palestinian Authority persecution of the Christian population in its midst, while the official new constitution of the PA for a future state would not  not allow any juridical status for Judaism or for Christianity.

On December 26th, 2007,  IRNA  dispatched two top reporters to spend Christmas week in Bethlehem to examine  allegations of official persecution of Christians in Bethlehem at the hands of the PA:

(1. Land Grab of Christian lands - Christian loss of land to their  PA rulers, which is  forcing a Christian exodus from the city, which is now less than  20 percent Christian.

(2. Blackmail to PA/gangs - How Christians have to pay blackmail to the PA and gangs for protection.

(3. Rapes - How Christian women are harassed repeatedly by Moslems in Bethlehem and in nearby villages. .

(4. Conversion -  forced conversion and kidnapping also occurs, from Chrisitanity to Islam .

(5. Sharia - Under the PA , Sharia, or Islamic law is enforced, changing Palestinian Christian's lives. This type of Sharia demands that Christians live as second class citizens and if they do not accept, they face violence and beatings.  When the Papal Nuncio in Jerusalem exposed the new Palestinian Authority constitution, in April, 2003 to a visiting US Congressional delegation, his comment was  that this constitution denies juridical status for any religion outside of Islam. That is the constitution proposed by the Fatah, not by the Hamas.

What Should The Solution Be?
Answer: A humane transfer of ALL Arab Populations in Israel to North Africa or to Somewhere in the Western Hemisphere.
Possibly Argentina or Brazil?

3. Is Someone Watching You?
Iridescent Glory of Nearby Helix Nebula


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