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Jerusalem News-720
8 Shebet 5768, 15 January 2008
1. You Never Can Tell
Sharon, savior of the settler, killer of Palestine
Guysen Israel News - Monday 14 January 2008
3. Steven Planck: Barry
Chamish and the Ringworm Children Hoax
4. Al-Qaeda
plotted to kill Queen
5. Dr. George Friedman: Why Did the US Invade Iraq?
The Saudi Problem


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1. You Never Can Tell
Sharon, savior of the settler, killer of Palestine
By Bradley Burston
Note: This is a left-wing article from a biased perspective but they sometimes get it right!

2. Guysen Israel News - Monday 14 January 2008
2008-01-13 , 7 Shevat 5768 

21:18  Egypt claims that it has updated a network of engineers and officers in the Egyptian army that was preparing a large-scale attack on Israeli territory. An Israeli government source said that little credence was given to this information.  (Guysen.International.News)
21:06  Israel is preparing to eliminate the leadership of Hamas. According to the Al Hayyat newspaper , the government of Hamas in the Gaza Strip had received information from a European country on an Israeli operation of ''liquidation'' of the leadership of the terrorist movement.  (Guysen.International.News)
18:57  The Canadian government will make aid payments to the Palestinians of $200 million spread over five years. This was announced by the Canadian Foreign Minister Maxime Bernier, on a visit to the Middle East. On Monday he will be in Israel where he will hold talks with his counterpart Tsipi Livni. He will also visit Yad Vashem.
18:28 American presidential elections : according to the latest poll released by the American television channel CNN, if the elections were held today, Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama would beat the favorite candidate for the Republican nomination, John McCain.
14:54  ''Iran is the global sponsor of terrorism'', George Bush said in Abu Dhabi. The American president, on a visit to the United Arab Emirates said that ''Iranian actions are a threat to the security of all countries and the United States''. He called on ''all Arab countries to unite against this threat before it is too late''.  (Guysen.International.News)
11:36  Renault-Nissan is going to produce electric cars in Israel. This was reported in the daily Ouest-France, which announced the arrival of the CEO Carlos Ghosn of the French group in Israel on January 21, to conclude the transaction with Shai Agassi, of the Better Place company. This project provides for the establishment of electric car battery recharging points throughout the country, a revolution that will allow Israeli motorists to reduce their fuel expenses by two-thirds, if they adopt the concept.  (Guysen.International.News)
04:14  Pakistan: British police investigating the death of Benazir Bhutto told journalists from the Sunday Times that the terrorist organization Al Qaeda, was responsible for the assassination of former Prime Minister.  (Guysen.International.News)

3. Steven Planck: Barry Chamish and the Ringworm Children Hoax
Another anti-Semitic false allegation by BC (the nefarious teller of tall stories and professional muckraker) has been debunked.

4. Al-Qaeda plotted to kill Queen,23599,23047044-2,00.html
[first noticed by us on the Origin of Nations List]

A PLOT by al-Qaeda operatives to kill the Queen during a state visit to Uganda less than two months ago was foiled by security services.

The terrorists had planned to hide inside two broadcast vans owned by the Ugandan Broadcasting Corporation and then set off bombs during the Queen's visit to Kampala last November.

London's Sunday Express reported the vans were seized after a tip-off from intelligence agents.

As a result, the broadcaster was unable to transmit live pictures of key summit events, including the Queen's historic address to the Ugandan parliament on November 22.

The Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla travelled to the east African nation's capital for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, attended by more than 30 world leaders. Australia was represented by Richard Alston, the High Commissioner to London.

Uganda's Internal Affairs Minister Ruhakana Rugunda said several suspected terrorists were arrested.

"We received information that a terrorist group linked to al-Qaeda, the Allied Democratic Forces, was planning to carry out terrorist activities at the Commonwealth meeting," he told the Sunday Express.

"The security services in Uganda neutralised these threats."

Dr Rugunda refused to comment on the exact nature of the intended attacks or reports that Ugandan armed forces had seized a speedboat loaded with arms and homemade bombs.

A number of suspected ADF guerillas aboard the boat on Lake Victoria are believed to have been taken into custody, the Sunday Express reported.

Security was tight for the CHOGM meeting, with roads in Kampala's centre closed off to local traffic and identity checks carried out venues.

Dai Davies, former head of royal protection, told the Sunday Express: "It will have huge implications globally for the royal family's protection. It will obviously put forward planning into a huge new phase of concern.

"But the Queen's security arrangements are very sophisticated. There would have been thorough advanced planning ahead of the trip to Uganda, an exit strategy would have been worked out, and so on.

"At the end of the day, the Queen is a great pragmatist - she's a great believer in what will be will be. But she has absolute faith and trust in her protection team."

In her speech to Uganda's parliament, the Queen praised the country's army for its peacekeeping role in war-torn Somalia. She also noted great advances by the East African country better known for the bloody ravages inflicted by its 1970s tyrannical ruler Idi Amin.

AAP, in The Australian

5. Dr. George Friedman: Why Did the US Invade Iraq?
The Saudi Problem

Iraq was believed to possess WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) and was liable to use them against its neighbors as it had done to its own Kurdish community in the past. Iraq did possess WMD despite claims to the contrary and that was the official reason given for the US invasion.
There may have been other factors.
Brit-Am has suggested that the US need to preserve oil resources and oil prices being fixed in dollars was one of them:
George Friedman, in a book that has just reached us, suggested other reasons.
"America's Secret War. Inside the Worldwide Struggle
Between the United States and its Enemies
by George Friedman (founder of Stratfor) 2004,
Upgraded Paperback version 2006.
George Friedman puts the blame on Al-Qaeda (headed by Osama bin Laden) the organization responsible for the Twin Tower Tragedy of 9-11-2001.
Al-Qaeda is an expression of Wahabi Islam which is what the Saudis propagate.
Al-Qaeda desires the obliteration of the USA. This is regardless of the existence of Israel.
There is no real difference between official Saudi doctrine and Al-Qaeda apart from the question of tactics and priority. Al-Qaeda is financed by Saudi funds and draws its leadership from leading Saudi families. Most of those who participated in the 9-11 attacks on US soil were Saudi citizens.
Previously, Saudi agents assisted by the US had enabled the defeat of the Russians in AFGHANISTAN. This resulted in the Wahabi-Taliban cult gaining control of the country.
 Al-Qaeda grew out of the experience of Saudi agents in Afghanistan.
The US is threatened by Al-Qaeda. After 9-11-01 it was decided to take action.
The Taliban in Afghanistan were effectively a branch of Al-Qaeda. The Taliban worked hand in hand with the Security Services -especially the Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI)- of Pakistan.
[Incidentally, see the above item: British police investigating the death of Pakistani Opposition Leader, Benazir Bhutto, told journalists from the Sunday Times that the terrorist organization Al Qaeda, was responsible for the assassination of the former Prime Minister.]
After 9-11 the US threatened Pakistan with the use of restricted nuclear devices designed to neutralize the nuclear capability of the country. At the time Pakistan was also threatened by India within whose territory Al-Qaeda had carried out serious terrorist attacks.
Faced with these threats Pakistan, under President Pervez Musharaff, was forced to cooperate to some degree in the effective US takeover of Afghanistan. 
According to George Friedman the USA needed to also neutralize or at least contain Al-Qaeda in Saudia. An invasion of Saudia was considered but rejected as impractical and possibly counter-productive.
By taking control of Iraq however the US would be able to maintain forces in contingency with Saudia and thus exert a restraining influence.
Iraq also borders Iran, the Gulf States, and Turkey as well as being within striking distance of Pakistan and Afghanistan all of which areas require placation.
This is what Friedman says.
An outgrowth of the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq included Russia agreeing to US bases in Central Asia in return for a free hand in Chechyna in the Caucasus where Islamic terrorism had grown to major proportions and was threatening the stability of Russia itself.
US bases in Central Asia provide access to Afghanistan and Pakistan but also could help overawe both China and North Korea.
Sound far-fetched?
It could be but Friedman brings facts and analysis and does more justice to his ideas than I can in a few lines.
Even if he is wrong it would appear that all this is at least a factor in the overall equation and is worth remembering.

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