Telling it Like it is no.1
Discussion of Ephraimite Questions in a Brit-Am Context
Other Claims Concerning the Lost Ten Tribes
Shavei Israel

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Telling it Like it is (first in a series):

Other Claims Concerning the Lost Ten Tribes

Over the years we have met with many Ephraimites and corresponded with even more.
A recurring series of questions and attitudes has impressed itself up us.
The items that we will relate to in this series (Telling it Like it is) are relevant to what many Ephraimites either want or need to know.

As far as Ephraim is concerned:
There is no-one else on your side apart from Brit-Am and its allies!

Some organizations say the Lost Tribes are in Asia. At first there was the organization Ami Shav founded by
Rabbi Eliyahu Avichail.
Then came Shavei Israel headed by Michael Freund which was a cloned copy of Ami Shav.
Due to the financial resources, media contacts, and activity of Michael Freund,
 Shavei Israel succeeded in virtually eclipsing Ami Shav.
[We ourselves once had the impression that Shavei Israel was the official successor of Ami Shav under a new name but such is not the case. Ami Shav was just pushed aside!]
Freund is also active in Jewish-Christain activities on behalf of Israel.

Avichail and Freund say that the Lost Ten Tribes are in Afghanistan, and amongst tribes in the border regions of India and Burma.
They are also open to the Lost Ten Tribes being elsewhere (especially amongst colored peoples) but avoid Negro groups in Africa and the Carribean. Amishav once converted a group of Indians from Peru and brought them to Israel.
[In the USA you have another organization, called Kulanu.
Kulanu is run by Reform Jews and Gentiles and is the same as Ami Shav and Shavei Israel though it is also open to Negro groups as well as everybody else


In addition these groups are (or were) active amongst Mannanos (Anusim, Conversos) i.e. descendants of Jews in Spain and Portugal who were forced to convert to Catholicism.
Shavei Israel also helped Subbotniks in Russia return to Israel.

These organizations (or at least those behind them) are against Ephraim being found in the West!
They have a psychological barrier against even considering the possibility.

What is more there whole approach is different from ours.

They emphasize a willingness to convert to Judaism and the keeping of Jewish customs at present.
Shavei Israel  describes itself as:
# the only Jewish organization today that is actively reaching out to "lost Jews" in an effort to facilitate their return.#

They may be considered to be concerned more with Judah and with offshoots from Judah.

Brit-Am relies upon Biblical and Rabbinical Sources and historical studies.
In the recent past amongst the Scottish and English (and other areas) Hebraic and Jewish customs did exist but at present have been forgotten.

Anyway there organizations do not recognize Ephraim in the west and are not liable to do so.
They do not want to know of you.

We sometimes meet Jews who upon hearing about Brit-Am ask:
"Do other opinions concerning the whereabouts of the Lost Ten Tribes exist?"
When we say Yes they then suggest that perhaps both opinions are correct.
Alternately Ephraimites brimming with Christian Charity also frequently take the same approach.
There are also Ephraimite Christian groups open to the ideas of Freund and company.
This is a mistake.
If you believe too much you end up not believing.

Let Freund and Rabbi Avichail prove their case if they can.
And they cannot.

Brit-Am does need to compromise and Ephraimites searching for the truth should not do so either.

If you are descended from the Lost Ten Tribes and are of Western Heritage you have an obligation to be true to your ancestry and push their cause and not compromise it.

Too many seem to take it for granted, assume that just like they accept it so should everybody else.

The belief needs to be proven, have present proofs confirmed, and propagated.

This means helping Brit-Am.

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