Tribal Report no.6

18 November 2008 20 Cheshvan 5769

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Tribal Report no.6
1. Owen Murphy:  inter ethnic humour without racist overtones
2. Call for Help from South Africa for South Africa
Selected Extracts from the BBC
"key facts and figures"


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1. Owen Murphy:  inter ethnic humour without racist overtones
Re Subject: TR-5

Hello Yair;
  Tribal report is intriguing in that it supplies a forum for some inter ethnic humour without racist overtones. Laughing with or at ouselves is healthy and keeps us all from taking ourselves too seriously. 
  Cheers Owen

2. Call for Help from South Africa for South Africa
From: Lilly
Hi, I am  a Danite from South Africa and indeed she has become a terrible country. Perhaps The Vow was annulled by the giving of the land. Since 2006 the sun did not shine on the sarcophagus at the Monument in Pretoria. There was an altering of the Vow. A mingling, and today the day (16/12 as a Sunday as per the Vow, a day of rememberance) has a different meaning. The land was given, not because some were so good, but because some were so bad. The same God who gave, uses the very same plumbline to measure the other party and what do we see? Crime, corruption, poverty, unemployment, failing institutions.....  And yes, we are reaping the whirlwind. This fact however is not only for South Africa but world wide. We all have forgotten God and the water came in which we made God relative to other gods, then the storms came one after the other, the winds opposing each other, a breaking, a shattering, driven by plunder, raping, consuming, stealing, sorceries, covetousness, sexual immorality and lies our societies are ruled by amnesty and special relationships. We are becoming desolate. Animals are walking our streets. Today the economic storms have come. We are backsliding fast, our children progressively loose their ability to read, reckon or write. It is as though we are all loosing our minds, a scattering, a breaking of our souls, a shattering. We are forgetting fast, our morality, values, faith. Fear and an awareness of a looming disaster perpetuates our minds, but it is not voiced not to call it forth. Our ability to work is affected. It seems as though we are on the job, but nothing gets done, the concept of work has changed, police does not "police", nurses do not nurse, teachers do not teach. This happens in all institutions, health, police, church..... It is on the threshold that our heads and the palms of our hands are being cut off. We have fallen over and is stretched to the limit whilst some of us have been broken in two already. Our inner cities like Johannesburg and Hillbrow have become a refuse dump of peoples occupying old office blocs eroding it from the inside burning doors for cooking and heating and selling metal to obtain money for food. The few who are able to produce food are also now threatened by a PAC breakaway group calling themselves PAM. They intend to invade the land and redistribute it to Africans,  much like in Zimbabwe. As we are entering darkness will you remember us and pray for us? If we loose the ability to pray would you please pray for us?  If you see us lying on the streets hungry or killed will you remember God, A jealous God who shares His glory with no one, not even the absolutist ANC. Help us as a nation to return by asking God to return first... Peace be with you. Lilly


Selected Extracts from the BBC "key facts and figures"

Two-thirds of the country is made up of mountains and hills with the Alps, Pyrenees, Vosges and Massif Central forming the largest ranges. Mont Blanc in the Alps is the highest mountain in Europe.

Farms and forests cover 48 million hectares - 82% - of the total area of mainland France.

France has a number of territories overseas - remnants of a past empire. Together with mainland France and Corsica, they make up 26 administrative regions.

It is further divided into 100 "departements", four of which - French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique and R?nion - are outside Europe.

In the 2002 presidential elections, Jean-Marie Le Pen, leader of the right-wing anti-immigrant National Front Party, shocked France when he finished in second place in the first round.

Lionel Jospin, the main left-wing presidential contender whom Le Pen knocked out, decided to retire from politics and threw his support behind incumbent president Chirac. Chirac won with an overwhelming 82.2% of the vote in the second round.

Chirac's centre-right coalition won an absolute majority in parliament.

Agriculture is still one of France's major industries but the economy is relying more on service industries and manufacturing.
GDP - US$ 2.117 trillion (Euro 1.707 trillion, ?1.16301 trillion)
Inflation - 1.9% (September 2006)
Major Industries- Aerospace, automotive, pharmaceuticals, industrial machinery, food and drink, tourism
Major trading partners- US and European markets
It is also a major producer of chemical products and textiles.

France is the most popular country in the world among tourists, receiving about 75 million visitors a year and has the third largest income in the world from tourism.

But France's economy has grown more slowly than any other developed country in the world.

In 2006, its 2% growth was the worst in Europe. It also has one of the highest unemployment rates - 9.8% - of any European country.
France has the fifth largest population in Europe at 63 million. Its citizens enjoy free healthcare and education.

Those in work enjoy a relatively high standard of living and five weeks' statutory paid holiday.

Although frequent strikes and demonstrations have been an effective way of achieving - or objecting to - reform, unions are relatively weak in France.
France can still boast one of Europe's highest rates of female employment.

Some 81% of women aged between 25 and 49 are in work, including three-quarters of those with two children. 

France has long had a high level of immigration.

There are now 4.9m immigrants in France and the French Muslim population is estimated to be the largest in western Europe.

Many live in the suburbs in low-standard social housing, often in tower blocks known as HLMs.

Unemployment is high among these communities and crime is a problem on the estates.

In many cases the most disaffected people are the second or third generation immigrants who were born in France.


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