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Ireland, Sweden,Britain.

8 Augutst 2011, 8 Av 5771
1. Sweden. Bo Ronn: # Soon, Swedes will knock on the door to "Greater Israel." #
2. Ireland and Belfast in World War -2
3. Britain has higher rate of self-made rich than U.S.

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1. Sweden. Bo Ronn: # Soon, Swedes will knock on the door to "Greater Israel." #
From: Bo Ronn
Re: TR-47 2. Sweden: Article Recommended by Bo Ronn: Welcome to
 Pretend Land.

Good Day Yair Davidiy and Brit-Am

There are more articles written by Julia Caesar, which I would like to recommend to English readers. In the English speaking world there are many with Swedish ancestry that still think Sweden is an idyll. It is a country where the government and media have turned against its own natives. They are replacing the old population with mostly Muslims. Soon, Swedes will knock on the door to ?Greater Israel.?

Julia Caesar in English: Welcome to Pretend Land

 Julia Caesar in English: The silent minister

Julia Caesar in English ? Letter to the Prime Minister. May 9, 2010

Julia Caesar in English: Father of the Nation and Transparency. Oct. 17 2010.

 I have already emigrated from Sweden to a tropical island.

Shalom / Bo Ronn

2. Ireland and Belfast in World War -2
More Lesser-Known Facts of WWII
Although a member of the British Commonwealth, Ireland (Eire) remained neutral throughout the war. The Prime Minister, Eamonn De Valera, refused repeated requests by Britain for the use of port facilities at Cobh,Berehaven and Lough Swilly on the west coast of Ireland during the Battle of the Atlantic, ports that Britain considered essential to her survival. Eire itself depended largly upon the supplies the convoys brought in. When De Valera refused to order all German and Japanese diplomats out of the country London cancelled all travel between the Irish Republic and Britain on March 12, 1944. In December, 1941, Hitler had considered invading Ireland and using it as a platform for the assault on the British mainland. If this had proceeded it would have marked the end for Britain. It was Admiral Raeder who changed Hitler's mind, pointing out that in the face of Britain's huge naval superiority it was quite out of the question. The help De Valera gave the Germans was to refuse Britain the use of airfields and submarine bases in Ireland which would have set back the U-boat operations in the Atlantic.

The use of the Berehaven port for instance would have enabled our anti-submarine escorts to operate a further 180 miles out into the Atlantic. During the 'Emergency' enlistment in the British Army however, was popular and around 42,000 Irishmen joined the armed forces or went to sea in the Merchant Navy. Eight won the Victoria Cross, Britain's highest award. These servicemen, when returning home on leave had to wear civilian clothes to avoid any embarrassment should they come home in a British uniform. If they had so, Eire would have to intern them as foreign combatants under International law. Thousands more went to England to work in British munitions factories during the war. Whenever an Irishman died in battle he was reported in the press as having died while working in Britain. (On May 2, 1945, de Valera called at the German legation in Dublin and expressed his condolences for the death of Hitler. It was his foreign affairs department who wrongly advised him that it was the right thing to do. In neutral Portugal flags were flown at half mast after the government ordered two days of national mourning)


Northern Ireland was totally unprepared for enemy air attack during the initial stages of the war. Who on earth would want to bomb Belfast? was the thought running through the minds of its citizens at the time. However, this complacency was shattered when late on April 15, 1941, over 150 German bombers rained bombs, incendiaries and parachute mines onto the streets of the city. Panic reigned as thousands of people fled to the surrounding countryside inundating small towns and villages with terrified refugees. At 1.30AM on the 16th, John MacDermott, Northern Ireland's Minister of Public Security, then did something that no government minister had ever done before nor would ever do again, he telephoned Dublin in neutral Ireland and pleaded for help. Fifteen minutes later the city's central telephone exchange received a direct hit which served all local and trunk lines out of Belfast. Back in Dublin, in a technical breach of neutrality, de Valera immediately ordered thirteen fire trucks to be sent north to help fight the devastating fires that spread around the city. Dead animals and human corpses lay sprawled all over the place.

It is doubtful whether the Luftwaffe intended to target the civilian population. The first target flares were dropped to illuminate the harbour and factory areas but had drifted in a light wind across the city and away from the intended targets. This seems to have been the case when on Sunday May 4/5 a total of 204 enemy bombers returned to finish the job on the docks and industrial area. In the first raid 745 persons were killed, in the second raid 164 persons lost their lives.This was worse than the much publicized raid on Coventry where 554 lives were lost. Northern Ireland fielded some 156,000 volunteers to the Allied cause and of these about twelve or thirteen were awarded the Victoria Cross for bravery.

3. Britain has higher rate of self-made rich than U.S.
Thu May 26, 2011 12:39pm BST

* Russian billionaires entirely self-made

* One third of German and French rich are pure new money

* Britain has second highest proportion of self-made tycoons
By Chris Vellacott
LONDON, May 26 (Reuters Life!) - Britain's billionaires are more likely than their U.S. counterparts to have made their own money rather than inherited it, a study has found, challenging popular perceptions of greater social mobility in America.

A survey by French bank Societe Generale and Forbes of super-rich people in 12 countries, many of whom are billionaires, found 80 percent of the British sample entirely "self-made", as opposed to inherited wealth or a mix of both.

Among the U.S. rich, 68 percent were entirely self-made, the report said. Just a 10th of the British multimillionaires have wealth that was all inherited, compared with 18 percent of American billionaires, the report said.

Only Russians beat the British for the dominance of new money with all those in the survey having made their own millions in the two decades since the dismantling of the Soviet Union's command economy.

The super rich in China, India and Brazil also appear to be more bound to old money than British elites, at least for now.

Two-thirds of Brazilians and 65 percent of Chinese and Indians have wealth categorised as entirely self-made, as opposed to inherited or a blend of sources, the survey found.

But the report also noted that Brazil, Russia, China and India are seeing the most growth in the super rich population.

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