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"Ten Tribes Tribal Report"
Ireland, Sweden,France.

25 May 2011, 21 Iyar 5771
1. The Irish Component in the Population of Britain.
2. Sweden: Article Recommended by Bo
Ronn: Welcome to Pretend Land.
3. Anti-Semitism in France.

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1. The Irish Component in the Population of Britain.
According to the UK 2001 Census, white Irish-born residents make up 1.2% of those living in England and Wales.[4] In 1997, the Irish Government in its White Paper on Foreign Policy claimed that there were around two million Irish citizens living in Britain, the majority of them British-born.[citation needed] The 2001 Census also showed that Irish people are more likely to be employed in managerial or professional occupations than those classed as "White British".[5]

In 2001, there were 674,786 people in England (1.4 per cent of the population) who had been born in Ireland. This is the greatest concentration of Irish-born?as distinct from persons of Irish ancestry?abroad anywhere in the world and was equivalent to 12.1% of the population of the island of Ireland (5.6 million) in 2001.

People of Irish (either Protestant or Catholic) heritage make up 20% of the Scottish population. Scotland has a greater number of persons born in Northern Ireland and County Donegal (0.66 per cent) than in the rest of the Republic of Ireland (0.43%). Despite having lower than average numbers of Irish people resident the Lanarkshire town of Coatbridge is more than 50% Catholic.[7] The town is populated by the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th generation children of Irish immigrants, especially immigrants from County Donegal. In 2006 more than 28% of adults in Coatbridge had surnames with Irish origins.[8] Coatbridge holds the largest St. Patrick's Day Festival in Scotland.

2. Sweden: Article Recommended by Bo Ronn: Welcome to Pretend Land
From: Bo Ronn
Subject: Sweden, Welcome to Pretend Land, Update

Good Day Yair Davidy and Brit-Am

A recent article by Julia Caesar has been translated into English. It is about Sweden or what the article calls Pretend Land. Below is a short extract that explains the article.

# The most important thing in Pretend Land is to pretend that it is superior to all other countries in all respects. No citizen may violate this basic rule. Pretend It's Best, Most Beautiful and 'above all' by far has the highest of high moral standing. It is Pretend Land that will save the world. The Pretend Land takes its responsibilities. World champions in goodness, for sure! Here, we carry our halo with pride! There is not a conflict or disaster in the world that is not an issue for Pretend Land. #

This is a direct link to the page.


Shalom / Bo Ronn

3. Anti-Semitism in France

The first Jews settled in what is now France during Roman times. Following the first crusades, the situation of these settlers deteriorated. Religious antisemitism and the royal desire to appropriate the wealth of the Jews led to a series of expulsions. With the integration of new lands into the realm, France "acquired" Jews together with its new territories (for example, Alsace and Lorraine). In the sixteenth century, Marranos (covert Jews) from Spain and Portugal found shelter in France.

The Dreyfus case in 1894 came at a time of intense antisemitic agitation and seriously affected the position of assimilated French Jews. However, it also led to the mobilization of forces committed to human rights. This created a polarization of opinion according to a pattern that prevailed at least until the Second World War and perhaps even up to 1967.

Without doubt, the most significant event of 1996 relating to Holocaust denial concerned the support given by one of France's most popular personalities, Abbe Pierre, to the writings of Roger Garaudy.
Garaudy was born in 1913; a former communist expelled from the party in 1971, he converted to Catholicism, then Islam, providing Saddam Hussein with enthusiastic support at the time of the Gulf War. ..

In Les mythes fondateurs de la politique israelienne (Founding Myths of Israeli Politics), Garaudy argues that "critical historians [Holocaust-deniers] are treated unjustly. These enforced silences, these persecutions, this repression directed against a critical history of Hitler's crimes, rest on allegations that are nothing more than slander and falsehood." Garaudy believes that "genocide" is an inappropriate term to describe the Holocaust, "Therefore, the word was used in a completely erroneous manner throughout the Nuremberg trials since there was never any question of a people's total annihilation, as was the case with the Amalacites, the Canaanites and other 'holy exterminations'." Garaudy's conclusion is that the term "genocide" should apply only to crimes committed by the Hebrews against the Canaanites 3,000 years ago as described in the Book of Joshua. Garaudy is a savage opponent of Israel and of Zionism.

Answering a question concerned with respondents' "sympathies", 68 per cent expressed some or considerable sympathy for Jews, while 17 per cent expressed a measure of antipathy and 12 per cent considerable antipathy. Fifteen per cent expressed no opinion. Given that this polling has a margin of error of between 1 and 2 per cent, it is possible to conclude that the position has remained stable since 1990: in that year the figure for sympathy fluctuated between 68 and 73 per cent. Finally, 20 per cent of those polled believe that there are too many Jews in France, while 67 per cent believe that there are not too many (13 per cent expressed no opinion).

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