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Australia Floods, Norway anti-Israel Sanctions

17 January 2011, 12 Shevet 5771
1. Ron Fraser: Australia's 'Biblical Disaster!'
2. Sally Bird from Australia: "Please pray for us!"
3. One hundred famous Norwegians call for cultural and academic boycott of Israel.

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1. Ron Fraser: Australia's 'Biblical Disaster''q=7831.6436.0.0
January 11, 2011 | From
Massive floods sweeping the state of Queensland threaten to break all records. By Ron Fraser
Brit-Am Relevance:
Australia is the Land of Sinim (Isaiah 49:12) from where a portion of the Tribes will return.
Ron  Fraser in the article we are quoting from points out that Australia was always prone to floods.
My own parents before they passed away some years ago at one stage also had to temporarily evacuate their home in a township in Victoria due to the threat of inundation. This is the way things happen. The Almighty works through nature and retribution is administered at  points of vulnerability.
Australians are not  necessarily worse than any other Israelites, perhaps relatively speaking much better. Nevertheless when disasters strike us we should relate to them as warning signs. The Almighty is calling upon to better ourselves and bring ourselves closer to HIM.


'BIBLICAL DISASTER' screamed the headline in Monday's Courier Mail newspaper, the leading daily of Brisbane, capital of the Australian state of Queensland.

Billed the 'sunshine state' by Queensland's Tourist Commission, Australia's second-largest state is awash with massive floods as torrential rains plus king tide surges bring peak flooding to the state's rivers, threatening damage to an extent far exceeding the state's previous record flood year in 1974.

I remember the summer of 1973-74 in Queensland. Residing on North Stradbroke Island in Moreton Bay at the time, my family remained safe from the flooding sweeping through Brisbane in early January 1974. Nevertheless, we experienced the impact, being cut off from contact with the mainland city with no air or water transport operable for days and supplies running low. Even the usually free-flowing beer that most of the 2,000 island residents shared as part of their daily diet ran low, much to the average islander's consternation.

But 2011 is set to break the 1974 record in terms of flood peaks, extent of damage to property, infrastructure, losses to Queensland's mining industry and loss of life.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported Tuesday that 'Authorities say the flood threat facing Brisbane and Ipswich is worse than the 1974 disaster. Heavy rain, releases from Wivenhoe Dam and high tides will be a damaging combination. The Brisbane City Council predicts 6,500 homes and businesses across 80 suburbs will be inundated over the next few days, and about 16,000 properties will be partially affected by floodwaters.'

The Australian Associated Press reported Tuesday that 'at least eight people have died in the flash flooding that hit Queensland's southeast and 11 more are missing.' Others are stranded on rooftops waiting to be rescued. And the worst could still be coming. Even now, Brisbane's central business district is shutting down in preparation for imminent flooding!

Brisbane's Courier Mail is not alone in describing this massive inundation of vast tracts of northeastern Australia'described as an area larger than France and Germany combined'as a disaster of biblical proportions. For indeed it is, not so much in historic terms but, in reality, in clearly prophetic terms'part of the progressive fulfillment of the latter-day prophecies of disaster forecast in your Bible for our time!

This terrible tragedy in Australia's 'sunshine state' will not be the last to hit this country in the near term. Nor will Australia be the only Anglo-Saxon nation to be continually hit by progressive disasters during the current decade. In fact, your Bible clearly prophesies the reality of the unfolding events we are witnessing.

 2. Sally Bird: Please pray for us!

Brit-Am Relevance:
What is happening in Australia is a warning to all of us.
The disastrous fires that recently scoured Israel and took many lives are also warnings.
We should pray for ourselves, for our families, and for all the Tribes of Israel.
We should also pray for the communities we live in. This is an injunction!
You have to seek the welfare of the place you dwell in even if the inhabitants are not your own people. You have an obligation to your neighbors. Their good is for your wellbeing.
Jeremiah 29:
7 And seek the peace of the city where I have caused you to be carried away captive, and pray to the LORD for it; for in its peace you will have peace.
In this case most of the Australians are fellow Israelites. What effects them affects us!

Here in Australia we have had serious floods. Please pray for us and especially the Queenslanders. One pregnant Mum was holding her toddler who got ripped out of her arms as she was being rescued. One cannot imagine how dreadful that would have been.

                But God is merciful and there are many wonderful stories of brave people. ...

                God bless.
          Sally Bird

3. One hundred famous Norwegians call for cultural and academic boycott of Israel
Cnaan Liphshiz Updated: 23/Nov/2010 16:13

Brit-Am Relevance:
Norway is populated by Israelites. We identify the Norwegians with Naphtali though others opt for Benjamin.
Brit-Am has supporters and sympathizers in Norway. The University of
Trondheim was possibly the first academic institution in the world (outside of Israel) to order one of our works.
Scandinavian academics in general are more open to the possibility that at least a portion of their ancestors came from the Middle East.
This is not exactly the same as recognizing ancestry from the Ten Tribes of Israel but it could be considered a step in the right direction.
In the past there was a time when Norway was perhaps the most pro-Israel nation in Europe. Now things have changed.
Perhaps non-Israelite elements are becoming more assertive?
Or perhaps the moral quality is going down quickly and this is reflected in their attitudes towards Israel and the Jews?

OSLO (EJP)---One hundred famous Norwegians, led by the country's national football coach, have signed a petition demanding a cultural and academic boycott of Israel, accusing its educational institutions of 'playing a key role in the occupation' and equating it with apartheid.

A Norwegian ex-premier denounced their boycott call.

Egil Drillo Olsen, coach for the national Norwegian football team, recently wrote in Aftenposten, the country's second largest paper, that the call to boycott Israel was "in line with what 90 percent of the world's population believes. There cannot be many other opinions."

The petition is the last item in a string of similar and high-profile initiatives to have taken place in Norway over the past two years. It was signed by coach Olsen and 99 other public figures from the arts and culture, who stated that a boycott is "necessary" not only to help Palestinians, but also to "support Israelis opposing the occupation."

Norwegian former Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik called the boycott call "unhelpful" and "not representative" of the current government's policy.

Bondevik, who presided over the Norwegian government for seven years over the period 1997 until 2005 on behalf of the Christian Democratic Party, added he wished to "reassure" Israelis that "boycott is not an issue in Norway."
Commenting the boycott call, Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon told EJP: "Those who call for a boycott against Israel are in effect boycotting the peace process by automatically and unequivocally endorsing the Palestinian position and pushing them further away from the negotiating table." "We expect the Norwegian government to condemn this boycott," he added.

But Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld, a senior researcher of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionist trends in Scandinavia, alleges Norway is a "pioneer" in the Western world promoting boycotts and hatred against Israel.

Gerstenfeld, Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, notes some "uniquely Norwegian developments unparalleled elsewhere in the West."

Among them, he lists praise that Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere wrote last year for a book accusing the Israeli army of deliberately killing Gazan women and children, and the promotion of a Norwegian diplomat who had compared Operation Cast Lead in Gaza with the action of the Nazis.

That same year the major Norwegian State pension fund divested from Elbit Systems because of the company's involvement in building the security fence.

Since then, Norwegian shares in several other Israeli companies have been divested. In November 2009, a Norwegian university, NTNU in Trondheim, became the first in the West whose Board openly discussed boycotting Israel. The plan was ultimately unanimously rejected.

"Norway's case is unique because it is a country dominated by a political, media and cultural elite with deep-rooted anti-Israeli attitudes stemming from their political world view," Gerstenfeld said. "It poses a threat to Israel because it may be the place where precedents are set in the campaign to delegitimize Israel."

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