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12 September 2010 4
Tishrei 5771
1. Australians Most Generous Givers in the World!
2. The Drinking problem of Australians
3. Question on Mixed origins, Israelite Ancestry, and Finland


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1. Australians Most Generous Givers in the World!
From: Craig Blackwood
 NZ and Australia most generous givers

Shalom Yair


AUSTRALIANS are the most generous givers of their time and money in the world, an international survey shows.

The rankings of the most charitable countries released yesterday by the Charitable Aid Foundation were based on three measures - the proportion of the population who in the past 30 days had given money, volunteered time and helped a stranger.

The Gallup survey across 153 countries put Australia level-pegging with New Zealand at the top of the "World Giving Index" table, followed by Canada and Ireland, with Switzerland and the US equal fifth.

"Australians have a long and deserved reputation for giving and it is rewarding to see that against international giving trends," CAF Australia chief executive Don Willesee said.

Philanthropy Australia president Bruce Bonyhady said giving had become increasingly important to Australians.

"For me, the unequivocal signs of that were in the aftermath of the Victorian bushfires last year," he said.

"The appeal raised $300 million, plus countless people gave their time and their possessions - furniture, blankets, whatever they had - and this was at a time, February 2009, when the economic environment was quite parlous.

"Then just four weeks later, the Children's Hospital Appeal raised a record amount."

The Gallup survey also measured nations' wealth and happiness, the report finding "the correlation between happiness and giving is stronger than the correlation between wealth and giving".


1 - AUSTRALIA   57%
6 - US
9 - SRI LANKA   53%
10 - AUSTRIA    52%


Brit-Am Note:
The first eight spots in the above list are occupied by what Brit-Am defines as Israelite Nations.

2. The Drinking problem of Australians
From: Robert Jones
An interesting link on the drunkards of Ephraim: 
Rob Jones

See Isaiah 28:1,3.
Drunkards of Ephraim

AUSTRALIANS rank among the world's worst abusers of alcohol, with few seeking help to curb its impact on their health, research shows.

A study by the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC) has found 18 per cent of Australians will experience periods of problematic drinking within their lifetime, while four per cent become alcoholic.

Problematic drinking includes being unable to perform duties at home or work, or having alcohol-related arguments with a spouse or run-ins with the law.

Maree Teesson said it totalled 22 per cent of the population - or about 3.5 million Australians - whose lives would be seriously and negatively affected by alcohol.

The majority, she said, were young men while less than one in five of those affected would receive any form of professional help.

"One reason for the lack of treatment is that alcohol problems still have a terrible stigma about them," Prof
Teesson said.

"(They) include getting into fights, drink driving (
licence suspensions), taking time off work, child neglect, getting into trouble with the police and driving while drunk."

More than 40 per cent of those with alcohol problems also report a mental illness, while comparison with a similar study done 10 years ago showed no improvement.

The paper concluded "prevalence rates for alcohol use disorders in Australia are some of the highest ... worldwide".

3. Question on Mixed origins, Israelite Ancestry, and Finland
Rachel Leah  wrote:

I just read your section on the Fins.  Wondering what do you think of this?

I am Jewish, Gypsy and Black, as well as Scot-Irish .  However I look purely Aryan.  Natural strawberry-blond, green eyes and very white complexion. Still, I do have three African great-grandmothers.

Brit-Am Reply:
The article is interesting. It says that a certain portion of the Finnish population may be of Mongolian descent.
It also points out that (concerning ancestry) what possibilities are considered is a function of the prevailing cultural and ideological conventions.
We will return to the article after first discussing mixed ancestry in general.

Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes, attempts to make observations and suggestions rather than to pontificate.
For example,
In the USA we have the state of Oklahoma wherein a good portion of the population has some Amerindian ancestry.
There are those who believe the Amerindians are also from the Ten Tribes and thus they combine Brit-Am type scenarios with Hebraic-Amerindian ones.
Even if there is nothing in these claims, however, it does not mean that the people concerned are not Israelites.
The bottom line is dependent on self-identification preferably alongside some genetic association.
We all have our own task in this life and we were born as we would have wanted to be if we have been given the choice.
We are most suited to be ourselves so we may as well ask the Almighty to guide us as to how to make the best of it..

It could be that some Finns have some Mongolian ancestry.
Head shapes however and other factors are also influenced by environment and the region they came from adjoins that area that gave rise to the Mongolian type.
In Scandinavia we also have the Saami (Lapp) people who are a basically white race but with Mongolian features and the mtDNA of whose womenfolk is the same as that of the Berbers of North Africa.
Mongolian features are also found (as a trace element) throughout Scandinavia, amongst the Slavs and Germans, and even (in "small doses"in Brittany [France], Wales, and Scotland.

It is also worth mentioning that the Finns have the highest percentage of blonde and blue-eyed people in all of Europe.
Whatever Mongolian admixture (if any) does exist amongst them it cannot be all that dominant though climate does play a part.
[ I have seen pictures (and read reports) of individuals from Central Asia and the region around Mongolia with blue eyes, blond hair, and distinctive Mongolian features. To my mind this is probably not due to racial admixture but rather to environmental influence. ]

We need to study the matter in more depth but our present understanding concerning the Finns is the following:

The Finns are a mixture of peoples. If DNA is to be relied upon then the female mtDNA is more homogeneous than the male and closer to that of West Europe.
[Nevertheless it should be remembered that it is now agreed that MtDNA is determined by the environment.]
A recent DNA study concluded the ancestors of the Finns in about 100 CE (but maybe even later) numbered only a few thousand who subsequently increased and multiplied after marrying and intermarrying amongst themselves in the process. This leads to a certain genetic uniqueness and commonality despite the possibility that the original ancestry was somewhat of a mixture.

Finnish DNA: Wikipedia. Finland. Genetics
According to recent autosomal (genomewide, 10,000 markers instead of few looked at Y-DNA and MtDNA-studies) give distinct picture of Finnish genes. Finns are a genetic isolate. It could be said that all other Europeans have Finnish genes but Finns don't have all the genes found in other Europeans. Finns show very little if any Mediterranean and African genes but on the other hand almost 10% of Finnish genes seem to be shared with some Siberian populations. Nevertheless more than 80% of Finnish genes are from a single ancient North-European population, while most Europeans are a mixture of 3 or more principal components.

Archaeological findings show settlement in Finland from the earliest times. This however may on the whole be classified as an overflow from Scandinavia or from the Saami (Lapp) people, or admixtures of the two.. It may be, as has been claimed, that a Finnish-speaking population was present in the south from ca. 100 CE but this does not preclude most of the Finnish People having arrived later.
We understand that most of the Finns came from the east and entered Finland at a late date. Previously they had been in Central Asia and the surrounding areas that indeed border on Mongolia and whose cultural background may have parallels in Japan. Finnish type languages are spoken by a wide variety of peoples without there necessarily being any ethnic connection between them.

Calvin Kephart (1960) claimed that the Finns originated in the Altai Mountains area, were pushed westward by the Huns at an early date, but arrived in Karelia (eastern Finland) by ca. 700 CE (Christian Times) and from there moved westward. Similar views were once conventionally accepted. The date given is very late and is no longer seriously countenanced by most researchers due to archaeological evidence to the contrary.  Nevertheless we still feel that there is something to the view of a late arrival, at least regarding a good portion of the present population.

We identify the majority of Finns as basically Israelite. The group that came from the east were similar to the Khazars some of whom may have spoken a Finnish type language.
Another source of the Finnish People was from Scandinavia but in the form of a trickling intrusion and adoption of Finnish Language and customs from the Lapps. [This is apart from the large Swedish-speaking community that once existed in Finland.] The Scandinavians in general (including the Finns) also imparted to the Lapps certain aspects of their culture and language that they themselves subsequently have lost.

It may be that some Mongolians and others were assimilated amongst the Finns in the course of their migrations.
Nevertheless on the whole the Finnish People have Israelite characteristics and fit the Tribal Profile of belonging to the Lost Tribes.
We have some correspondents in Finland who are quite well informed.
I will post this letter to our e-mail discussion list and see if there is any reaction.
God bless  you

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