Ten Tribes Tribal Report no.32
Anti-Semitism in Israelite Nations, Rape by Non-Israelites
2 December 2009 25 Kislev 5770
1. Florida, USA, Student assaulted during 'Kick A Jew Day'
2. South African rape survey shock
3. New Zealand: Holocaust party students fined
4. Norway, Israel and the Jews by Manfred
5. Many Swedish Women Raped by Muslim Foreigners


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1. Florida, USA, Student assaulted during 'Kick A Jew Day'

Posted: Nov 23, 2009 8:31 PM Updated: Nov 23, 2009 01:31 PM EST

COLLIER COUNTY: There are disturbing accusations of anti-Semitism at a Collier County school. Ten students are serving suspensions for their roles in what was called "Kick a Jew Day" at North Naples Middle.

We talked to one student Monday who said this was happening all over school. We also talked to several parents who are flat-out furious.

"Oh, I think it's horrible. I don't understand why they would do that," said parent Jodie Hovland.

According to the Collier County School District, 10 students were suspended for their roles in "Kick a Jew Day" last week.

Word had spread around school that if you saw a Jewish student on Thursday, you were supposed to kick them, as was first reported by our news gathering partners at the Naples Daily News.

Eighth grader Ashley Brusca said she saw it happen to lots of kids.

"They came up to you and asked you if you got kicked today and if not, they kicked you," she explained.

We also obtained an email one parent sent to the principal, the Collier County Superintendent and school board members, describing what he says happened to his daughter.

"Kids pretended to kick her and later, at lunch, some large kids actually kicked her. Apparently many kids, all Jewish, were kicked during the day. I was furious and attempted to call the parents of the girl who initiated this hatred," the email stated.

"I'm upset it would happen. I'm upset I wasn't told about it," said Hovland.

But one grandparent said he just chalks it up to kids being kids.

"Personally I think it's a non issue," said Raymond Brusca.

The 10 students involved received one-day in-school suspension and the school had conferences with their parents.

But that was not enough for some parents.

"I think it should have been more harsh, definitely," said Hovland.

Until further notice, the school will take the first 20 minutes of the day and focus on character traits instead of the usual reading and tutoring time. The district and the principal declined on camera interviews.

2. South African rape survey shock
South Africa's government has been urged to solve the rape epidemic

One in four South African men questioned in a survey said they had raped someone, and nearly half of them admitted more than one attack.

The study, by the country's Medical Research Council, also found three out of four who admitted rape had attacked for the first time during their teens.

It said practices such as gang rape were common because they were considered a form of male bonding.

The MRC spoke to 1,738 men in KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape provinces.

The research was conducted in both rural and urban areas and included all racial groups.

Using an electronic device to keep the results anonymous, the study found that 73% of those who admitted rape said they had carried out their first assault before the age of 20.

Almost half who said they had carried out a rape admitted they had done so more than once.

Professor Rachel Jewkes of the MRC, who carried out the research, told the BBC's World Today programme: "The absolute imperative is we have to change the underlying social attitudes that in a way have created a norm that coercing women into sex is on some level acceptable.

"We know that we have a higher prevalence of rape in South Africa than there is in other countries.

She added that all the victims in the main survey were said to be women, but participants were also interviewed about male rape.

The study found that one in 10 men said they had been raped by other men.

Some 3% of the men interviewed said they had coerced a man or a boy into sex.

3. New Zealand: Holocaust party students fined

Lincoln University near Christchurch has reprimanded 15 students who dressed as Nazis and concentration camp inmates for a party, with penalties including visiting a Holocaust Museum and paying a $200 fine.

The university disciplinary committee met on Friday to consider the conduct of the students, who pleaded guilty to the charge of bringing discredit on the university.

The students' conduct was totally offensive, Vice Chancellor Professor Roger Field said in a statement on Friday night.

The penalties would expose the students to the horrors of the Holocaust and enable them to reflect on their inappropriate behaviour, he said.

The students attended a party at a campus cafe on September 18, run by a halls of residence as part of Oktoberfest celebrations.

Their costumes featured slogans such as "Sieg Heil!" and "Hitler's my boi" and one guest was seen wearing a white top decorated with swastikas.

4. Norway, Israel and the Jews by Manfred Gerstenfeld


When speaking about Norway, Israel and the Jews, however, there is so much material that one wonders where to start. Israel is far away from Norway. It has as many inhabitants as Switzerland, on which you find very little in the Norwegian papers. On the other hand part of the Norwegian elite, which falsely calls itself progressive, is obsessed with another small country, Israel. This includes the leftwing government, many media, NGOs and part of the academic world. There are at most 1 300 Jews in Norway, of which 700 are organized in two communities, Oslo and Trondheim. They also are subject to the obsessive attention of the Norwegian elite.

Who was the member of the Nobel Peace Prize committee who, in 2002, wanted to take back the Nobel Prize for Peace, if possible, from Shimon Peres, and what was her background? (Hanna Kvanmo of the Socialist Left Party - she was condemned to a jail sentence after the Second World War as a collaborator of Nazi Germany because she had served as a nurse with the German troops on the Eastern front.)

Who was the only minister of a European government who marched in an anti-Israeli demonstration in January this year? (Kristen Halvorsen, leader of the Socialist Left Party. At the time she was minister of finance. During that demonstration there were shouts of ?Death to the Jews.?)

What is the name of the first rector of a European state university to use university money to finance a series of anti-Israeli propaganda lectures and what is the name of that university? (Torbjorn Digernes of NTNU Trondheim)

Some data show that the Norwegian media give more attention to Israel than to the neighboring Russia, a country which may cause Norway somewhat more problems than Israel. Furthermore it also seems that the Norwegian media give more attention to the Israeli army than to their own troops in Afghanistan.

...I want to make it clear that all the anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic incitement comes from two small groups. One occupies strategic positions in Norwegian society. This left wing elite, obsessed with Israel, controls the government, is enormously over-represented in the media and has a strong representation in the trade union and in the NGOs as well as in academia. The other group consists of some Muslim immigrants.

Not all is black. There is even a small group of very devoted friends of Israel. Earlier this year 3,500 Christians from all over Norway marched in Stavanger in favor of freeing Gilad Schalit. Another example: Trondheim and Petach Tikva are twinned cities and the Petach Pikva football team was very cordially received in Trondheim earlier this year, with the trip being subsidized by the municipality of  Trondheim.

Today the extreme anti-Semitic Muslims in Norway probably outnumber the 700 members of the Jewish community.

Furthermore, there is a long tradition of anti-Semitism in the country. It is not true that what one sees in Norway is pure anti-Israelism, which has nothing to do with anti-Semitism. Minister Halvorsen however did not leave the anti-Israel demonstration when there were shouts of "Death to the Jews."

Besides the obsession with Israel, there is another obsession in Norway which concerns the Jewish people. That is the obsessive way in which one is told by many Norwegians that there is no anti-Semitism in Norway.

Because of that lack of anti-Semitism two of the three Jewish cemeteries have been desecrated in the last five years, the synagogue has been shot at in 2006, the cantor has been attacked on Oslo's main street. Jewish children in schools have been harassed. Some Jews have received death threats. The community, the school and the old age home need heavy security. All these signs of lack of anti-Semitism show that Norwegian Jews are in a position which is typical of all other Norwegians.

There is nothing many Norwegians are more sensitive to than being reminded of Quisling, the war-time Norwegian prime minister whose name has become the expression of the archetype of a traitor in English and many other languages. It was not the German occupiers who arrested the Jews, but the Norwegian collaborators. They handed the Jews over to the Germans, to be sent to their death.

We are always told that Quisling had only limited support in the country. This is true as far as the elections are concerned, but the number of anti-Semites was far larger. A great majority of parliamentarians had voted to prohibit Jewish ritual slaughter already in 1929. In Germany this happened only when the Nazis came to power in 1933. A false claim is that the Norwegian prohibition derived from their concern for animals. If so, they should have long ago prohibited hunting and the killing of whales, which until today is still allowed in Norway.

Oil and Gas

Norway was an insignificant country until large quantities of oil and gas were found there. Prior to that, fishing and farming were its main activities. Today you might say that the country specializes in fish, oil and gas; one of my acquaintances has said that, to this, you have to add boredom.

The Jewish Community

Before I come to the most recent events, a few words about the Jewish community: In a country where you have two or three Jews at most among every 10,000 citizens, they of course play no role. But, the Jews in Norway play symbolic roles. When there are accusations of anti-Semitism, the Jewish community is supposed to say that it isn't so bad.
...As one lives as a Jew in Norway and make his living there, one must promote the image of the country even if that means twisting the truth.

5. Many Swedish Women Raped by Muslim Foreigners
Sweden tops European rape league

Published: 27 Apr 09 10:34 CET
Sweden has the highest incidence of reported rapes in Europe - twice as many as "runner up" the UK, a new study shows.
Researchers behind the EU study, which will be presented on Tuesday, conclude that rape appears to be a more common occurrence in Sweden than in continental European countries.

In Sweden, 46 incidents of rape are reported per 100,000 residents.
This figure is double as many as in the UK which reports 23 cases, and four times that of the other Nordic countries, Germany and France. The figure is up to 20 times the figure for certain countries in southern and eastern Europe.

02:42 April 28, 2009 by axiomiser
"According to a new study from the Crime Prevention Council, Br? it is four times more likely that a known rapist is born abroad, compared to persons born in Sweden. Resident aliens from Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia dominate the group of rape suspects. According to these statistics, almost half of all perpetrators are immigrants."

"The actual number is thus probably even higher than what the authorities are reporting now, as it doesn't include second generation immigrants. Lawyer Ann Christine Hjelm, who has investigated violent crimes in Svea high court, found that 85 per cent of the convicted rapists were born on foreign soil or by foreign parents."

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