Tribal Report no.3
28 October, 29 Tishrei 5769
1. David Tempelhoff: Thoughts on South Africa
2. R. Fleet: Impending Exodus of Anglos from South Africa?
3. Are Whites in South Africa Threatened with Genocide?


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1. David Tempelhoff: Thoughts on South Africa
From: David Tempelhoff <>

Hello Yair,

Your posts on South Africa have been great. You are willing to speak the truth on matters that many are fearful of speaking about.

 My heart is very sore over what has happened in South Africa. The crime and violence is completly out of hand and the nation is being slowly destroyed and wasted.

I hope Isreal would open the doors for the Afrikanners in years to come. They would have a formidable ally in the house of Isreal. The Austrailians are benefiting greatly with the influx of Immigrants from SA. Isreal would be foolish to lose them.

 The Boers are great soldiers, farmers,lawyers, businessmen, engineers, atheletes and Fearers of the Almighty. They naturally gravitate to the Old Testament view of the world and are not afraid of man. The Scripture says we should not fear man only God. This is very true of the Boers.

2. R. Fleet: Impending Exodus of Anglos from South Africa?
I have just read a report that stated aliyah from South Africa has doubled. You have reasonably proven the almighty has given the tribes these lands, is it possible He will now drive the tribes from these lands? In light of the situation in S. Africa. could this be the beginning of a mass exodus of anglo's perhaps first back to holland, or england. Or is it possible the anglos of S. Africa will have no other choice but to re- assert themselves. A difficult situation for all. Thanks, R

3. Are Whites in South Africa Threatened with Genocide?
Early harbingers of impending South African genocide - More ANC Youth League militant talk

Submitted by Ferret

Beeld published a comment on ANC Youth League spoutings this week in Lood se Praatjies, (,,3-67...dated October 1, 2008).

The word "Cockroaches" caught my eye and this is the context:
"we are ready to kill for the establishment of the university, anything, any cockroaches to stand in our way."

The repeated "killing" theme used by the ANCYL recently along with the Zuma national anthem of "Mshini Wami" (My machine gun), the increasing use of the ?cockroach? theme has chilling connotations when remembering well-known events that occurred in Rwanda in 1994 .

Read "The few who stayed" at the following URL:
"In Rwanda they referred to Tutsis as cockroaches," explains Omaar. "They were not human beings. This is very important to understand, [there are] very close parallels to what happened in Hitler's Germany. [They said,] 'Don't worry, you're not killing humans like you. You are killing some vermin that belongs under your shoe. You're killing cockroaches.'"

Suffice it to say that, while intellectual capacity is not a known strength of the ANC brigade, they do have aspirations to glory and it appears that those among them that actually read have found a workable model to achieve their goals.

The cockroach theme has recently been used in a few other ANC speeches as reported in various publications.

I believe that there is an increasingly uncontrollable and growing faction in our country that wants a shooting (chopping?) war to get rid of the "cockroaches" (who may this be?) infesting South Africa. There are ample parallels to the run-up in Rwanda, most notably the death threats to those that oppose Jacob Zuma and now the said insect theme.

Cockroaches should keep a weather eye out?
Posted By: JoAn
*AfricanCrisis Volunteer*

The Present Situation
in South Africa
Article includes Maps, Past and Present Coat of Arms


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