Ten Tribes Tribal Report no.27

16 August 15 2009 26 Av 5769
Skull-Caps, Kipling Poem, Britain and Judah
1. Judah: Article on Different Types of Skull-Cap and their Significance
2. Britain: Norman and Saxon by Rudyard Kipling
3. The Jews and Britain: Judah and Ephraim at Odds?


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1. Judah: Article on Different Types of Skull-Cap and their Significance
Yarmulke Exhibit Moves to Jerusalem
Hillel Fendel
( Dozens of knitted kippot (plural of kippah, Hebrew for the more familiar "skullcap" or "yarmulke") of all sizes and colors comprise a new exhibit attempting yet another way to define the religious-Zionist community.

The exhibit was first situated on the 49th floor of the Azrieli Towers in Tel Aviv, and has now made its way to Lander College in Jerusalem. It includes some 60 kippot, together with a short explanation by each wearer as to what his kippah signifies.

Among those who (or whose family) donated a kippah to the exhibit are the late Rabbi Moshe Tzvi Neriah, considered the father of the knitted kippah generation, the late Brig.-Gen. Dror Weinberg, Jonathan Pollard, singer Dudu Fischer, father-and-son journalist team Haggai and Amit Segal, Effie Eitam, MK Zevulun Orlev, Moshe Feiglin, Tzfat's Chief Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, cartoonist Shai Cherke, and Nobel Prize laureate Prof. Yisrael Aumann.

Jonathan Pollard, imprisoned in the U.S. for nearly 24 years for having shared critical, classified information with Israel, wrote, "The kippah is a sign of accepting the yoke of Heaven; the Holy One, blessed be He, is our aide and protector forever."

Effie Eitam, a former MK and Brig.-Gen. in the IDF, wrote, "I wasn't born with a kippah; I chose it, and I continue to choose it every day." 

Prof. Oz Almog of Haifa University explains that there are several parameters that define the various knitted kippot and, by extension, those who wear them: "Size, color, texture and design. The size often indicates the level of religiosity; the bigger, the more religious." The "hilltop youth" and others often wear large kippot of thick wool, whereas the fine-thread kippot are much more common almost everywhere else.

Two people donated a black kippah, with different explanations. MK Uri Orbach originally wanted to wear it abroad in places where he felt it would be better not to "stick out" too much, but he then changed his mind and decided that he need not worry about his kippah attracting attention. Baruch Marzel of Hevron, on the other hand, wears it in order to come closer to the hareidi-religious public, which wears only black cloth yarmulkes: "A Jew's purpose is to collect the truth from everyone."

MK Yaakov Katz (Ketzaleh) donated a relatively large kippah, consistent with his yeshiva days in the Merkaz HaRav Yeshiva. He wrote, "When I completed the officers' course in the IDF 38 years ago, we were three kippah-wearers among 150 cadets. Now we are privileged to see about half of those who become IDF officers wearing knitted yarmulkes."

2. Britain: Norman and Saxon by Rudyard Kipling

"My son," said the Norman Baron, "I am dying, and you will be heir
To all the broad acres in England that William gave me for share
When he conquered the Saxon at Hastings, and a nice little handful it is.
But before you go over to rule it I want you to understand this:--

"The Saxon is not like us Normans. His manners are not so polite.
But he never means anything serious till he talks about justice right.
When he stands like an ox in the furrow--with his sullen set eyes on your own,
And grumbles, 'This isn't fair dealing,' my son, leave the Saxon alone.

"You can horsewhip your
Gascony archers, or torture your Picardy spears;
But don't try that game on the Saxon; you'll have the whole brood round your ears.
From the richest old Thane in the county to the poorest chained serf in the field,
They'll be at you and on you like hornets, and, if you are wise, you will yield.

"But first you must master their language, their dialect, proverbs and songs.
Don't trust any clerk to interpret when they come with the tale of their own wrongs.
Let them know that you know what they are saying; let them feel that you know what to say.
Yes, even when you want to go hunting, hear '
em out if it takes you all day.

They'll drink every hour of the daylight and poach every hour of the dark.
It's the sport not the rabbits they're after (we've plenty of game in the park).
Don't hang them or cut off their fingers. That's wasteful as well as unkind,
For a hard-bitten, South-country poacher makes the best man- at-arms you can find.

"Appear with your wife and the children at their weddings and funerals and feasts.
Be polite but not friendly to Bishops; be good to all poor parish priests.
Say 'we,' 'us' and 'ours' when you're talking, instead of 'you fellows' and 'I.'
Don't ride over seeds; keep your temper; and never you tell '
em a lie!"

3. The Jews and Britain: Judah and Ephraim at Odds?
(a) Backgrounds, (b) Screed, (c) Brit-Am Reply

(a) Backgrounds
Background (1) Steven Shamrak
Steven Shamrak puts out a newsletter summarizing in a concise manner news items along with his own commentary.
It is quite good and often picks up important items that might otherwise be overlooked.
Shamrak is based in Australia and advocates transferring the Pesltinians to Sinai.
To our minds this proposal is impractical and all the Palestinians should instead be flown to North Africa or South America.

Background (2) The British Malaise
Recently a British official in the Arab Gulf States publicly boasted as to how British officials are openly active in Israel and Jerusalem with interference against Jewish settlement.
The British are also often very pro-Arab. British news media is anti-Israel and frequently guilty of telling outright lies and wicked misrepresentation of Israeli actions. Anti-Semitism in Britain is on the rise.
In ca. 2050 if present trends continue 20 to 30% of the population of Britain (and the Netherlands) could be Muslim.

Background (3) Britain and the Jews
Many Jews dislike the British because:
Britain during the last years of the Mandate limited Jewish immigration to the Land of Israel just when the Holocaust was taking place in Europe and Jews had nowhere to go.
There was a muted but violent conflict between the British and Jews just before the Jews received Indepdendence.
The Irgun and Lechi who lead the struggle against the British in some respects became the ideological forerunners of Israeli national thinkers and writers.
Britain comes across sometimes as anti-Semitic.
Some Jewish Patriotic right-wing nationalistic polemicists are in fact closet Conspiracy Freaks: Several Versions of Conspiracy Freak Idoiotic meanderings cast the British establishment as part of the arch-villains who want to control everyone by destroying all that is good and beautiful.

Despite legitimate grievances the Jews may have against Britiain however there is another side to the story.
This is given at length in our work "The Tribes"
and in very shortened form in our Briti-Am Reply after the Screed below:

(b) Screed
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2009 11:33:56 -0400
From: Steven Shamrak <>

'Great' Tradition of British Hate. Compiled by Aaron Shuster

Of course the British won't ban a vehement Jew hater.  The British excel in Jew hatred.  Any man who hates Jews is a great friend of Britain. Why do you think the British let the Moslems swarm Britain.  They have a common enemy - the Jews.  It is precisely Jew hatred that bonds the British to their Islamic brethren.

Remember, not one train line running to Auschwitz was ever bombed by the British. Why would they want to stop the extermination of the Jewish people? Not a priority. At the same time, they banned Jews from returning to their homeland - Israel. Effectively, they locked the Jews in a burning building and threw away the key.

Geert Wilders, an international champion of free speech, is barred from Britain , but a Jew-hating Islamic supremacist is just fine with UK authorities: Despite his sectarian, racist incitements that Jews are "scum...rats...pigs and monkeys," the chief cleric of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Sheikh Abdul Rahman al Sudais, has been welcomed and invited to preach at the East London mosque in Whitechapel tonight, Tuesday evening, 4 August 2009.

Sudais, who has close ties to the Saudi elite, has also insulted Christians and Hindus, referring disparagingly to Christians as "cross-worshippers" and Hindus as "idol worshippers". He has been banned from Canada for his anti-Semitism.

The chairman of the East London mosque is Muhammad Abdul
Bari. He is also the leader of the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB). Although the MCB has condemned anti-Semitism, it has previously declined to criticise the anti-Semitism of al-Sudais and has continued to support him despite his anti-Jewish tirade.

Sudais has stoked religious sectarianism and anti-Jewish racism. He has never expressed any regret," said human rights campaigner, Peter Tatchell. "I don't understand why the Home Secretary is allowing al-Sudais into Britain , given that similar hate preachers have been banned. Is it because of the close business links between the British and Saudi establishments?" Mr Tatchell queried. (Or it is done just for the sake of loving to hate Jews. We must not forget that Jews were deported from England by the order of a king long before the Inquisition in Spain. We still have not heard an apology for this hateful act!)

  (c) Brit-Am Reply
The British let Muslims into Britain because they have a strong liberal tolerant tradition.
Most of the Muslims in the UK come from Pakistan which was once part of India when the British ruled it or they come from other parts of the former British Empire. The British traditionally feel some kind of obligation to subjects of their former Empire.
At all events it is a British problem and has little to do with the Jews.
During WW2 Bombing the train line to Auschwitz would probably not have helped anyone.
The Jews would have been killed anyway.
I am amazed very time anew at the innocence (simplicity?) of Jewish writers who fail to comprehend the depths of hatred towards them by most sections of Eastern Europe, not just Germany.
The Nazis merely enabled the giving of expression to animalistic cravings that existed all over Europe especially Central and eastern Europe.
The Jews seem to not understand how much certain Gentile entities hate them and that NO rationale for this hatred is considered necessary!
In the Ukraine old women were employed to help bury Jewish victims of mass shootings. Any Jew (man woman or child) that still showed signs of life would be given the coup de grace by a shovel in the hands of these elderly females as if we one were dealing with chickens!
Wake Up Judah!
Only the God of Israel and your own exertions can save you!

Certain western gentile nations (whose inhabitants are in part decended from the Lost Ten Tribes) might help the Jews. They should not however be relied upon though pro-Israeli PR should be focused in those areas since in such regions some chance of a sympathetic reception does exist!
The British White Paper that limited Jewish immigration to Palestine was a crime.
Many British officials were actively anti-Jewish.
The White Paper was issued before the outbreak of World War 2 and some cognizance should be taken of what the British were up against at the time.
Turkey, a Muslim country, was on the verge of joining the Nazis.
Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, all made attempts to join the Nazis and their governments had to be deposed after forceful persuasion by the British.
Indian Hindus (under Gandhi) and Muslims were pro-Nazis and on the verge of revolt.
The Palestinian Arabs in Palestine were hostile and still in pro-Nazi revolt.
Austria, Italy, Vichy France, The Croatian Ustasha, Rumania, Bulgaria, and Hungary were all actively allied with Germany.
Britain was alone and several times seemed on the verge of defeat.
If the Germans had succeed in reinforcing Rommel in North Africa the whole of the Middle East may have fallen into German hands as at the time it seemed liable to do so.
Objectively speaking manpower was stetched and possibilities were limited.
These remarks do not necessarily justify anything but they need to be taken into consideration just like other factors are also considered.
All Jewish refugees who reached Palestine were either allowed to remain or sent to Cyprus were they stayed until the end of the War.
The British were responsible for fighting and defeating the Nazis and one of their motivating factors was to save the Jews.
The British did take in a large number of Jewish refugees and facilitated the transfer of many more to safe havens overseas. They were almost unique in these efforts.
The British Government and British factors have worked in the past on behalf of the State of Israel and even now upon occasion still do.
The Jews should be aware that they have more enemies than they can (by normal standards) deal with.
It is not necessary to manufacture antagonism in places where it may not exist.
For example,
The British were blamed for the sinking of the ship, Struma, containing Jewish refugees. At the time, Jewish propagandists emphasized alleged british complicity in the disaster and in some cases still do.
It is now known that the British had (after at first refusing) finally agreed to allow all the children on board the ship to stay in Palestine and some type of accomodation may have been extended to the adults. The ship however was sunk in the Black Sea by a RUSSIAN SUBMARINE and the one (or two survivors) who reached Turkish shores were murdered by the Turks.
The British are still blamed by Jewish activists for this disaster while the Russian and Turkish atrocities seem to be considered not worthy of mention.
Why is that?
We believe that the British or at least many in the British Isles are potentially disposed to be much more pro-Israel than they now are and efforts should be made to reach out to them along with other descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes.

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