Tribal Report no.10

Compiled: 28 December 2009, I Tevet 5768

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"Tribal Report"-10

1. British prejudice Against Jewish Presence in Israel Continuing
2. South Africa:
Crime drives South Africa emigration
3. USA Situation may be better than Presented?


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1. British prejudice Against Jewish Presence in Israel Continuing
Barbara Sommer:  Britain expands war on Israeli settlements
Subject: [shieldofdavid] Digest Number 931
Shield of David

Britain expands war on Israeli settlements

Posted by: "Barbara Sommer" SOMMER_1_98

Thu Dec 18, 2008 3:11 pm (PST)

Britain expands war on Israeli settlements The British government this week stepped up its efforts to stifle Jewish growth in Judea and Samaria by warning British citizens against purchasing houses or property in Jewish settlements. Ha'aretz reported that London also imposed measures tying the recent upgrade of relations between Israel and the European Union to the cessation of construction in the Jewish communities of the so-called "West Bank."
Last month Britain demanded that EU members states more vigorously implement a decision to clearly label Israeli products made in the settlements in order to deter European consumers from purchasing them.
Ha'aretz further reported that British Prime Minister Gordon Brown recently sent a letter to Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas pledging ongoing British involvement in the Arab world's battle to remove the Jewish presence from those biblical lands. Despite these determined efforts, census data released by Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics last month revealed that the Jewish population in Judea and Samaria continues to grow at a far faster pace than anywhere else in the country.

2. South Africa:
Crime drives South Africa emigration

Essay highlights the violence causing exodus

JOHANNESBURG - For South Africans with means, a fundamental question is: stay or go?

Yes, South Africa boasts perpetual sunshine, jaw-dropping scenery, and vigorously free media and civic debate. But since the dawn of democracy in 1994, many thousands have found reasons to emigrate, and 2008 delivered several more - political uncertainty, power shortages, and gruesome attacks on foreigners.

The most oft-cited reason for leaving remains crime. Ghastly, violent crime.

In this month's Harper's Magazine, a famed Afrikaner poet and former antiapartheid activist cited the brutality in an essay that gave his answer to the stay-or-go question: "My bitter advice" to young South Africans, Breyten Breytenbach wrote, "would be to go."

Much of Breytenbach's essay is devoted to South Africa's particularly cruel form of crime, a subject that fills newspaper pages and fuels dinner table conversations in a nation where an average of 50 people are murdered each day, most in poor black neighborhoods.

Breytenbach described a recent visit to South Africa, where he said he felt a "sense of impending horror in the air," and began to calculate his chances of being raped, robbed, or killed.

It is a sentiment shared by many who leave and typically cite crime as their top reason, polls show.

Though there are no firm statistics on emigration, some signs indicate it is growing. According to a First National Bank survey of home-sellers, 20 percent of those who put their houses on the market in the third quarter of 2008 did so because they were emigrating, up from 9 percent in the last quarter of 2007.

In 2007, 39 percent of South Africans polled by a research organization called FutureFact said they were seriously considering leaving, more than double the percentage in 2000.

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3. USA Situation may be better than Presented?

US Bankrupt?
first seen on the e-mail list of
[origin of nations]

WHO WILL BAIL OUT UNCLE SAM?  The United States of America is bankrupt. Don't believe it! Consider this: Federal obligations now exceed the collective net worth of all Americans, according to the New York-based Peter G. Peterson Foundation. Washington politicians and bureaucrats have essentially mortgaged everything We the People own so they can keep spending our tax dollars like there's no tomorrow. If these numbers are accurate, it's very bad news.

They're not accurate:

The foundation's grim calculations are based on Sept. 30 consolidated federal statements, which showed that Americans' total household net worth, diminished by falling stock prices and home equity, is $56.5 trillion. But rising costs for unfunded social programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security increased to $56.4 trillion, -and that was before the more recent stock market crash, $700 billion bank bailout, and monster federal deficits chalked up in October and November.

They palmed a card, actually two cards: the first one is they're using household net worth, but that leaves out corporate net worth, so they're ignoring, eg, Exxon.  The second is that they're comparing future obligations to pay with current assets, so it's like saying you're "bankrupt" because the total of your expected future living expenses exceeds your net worth.

The point is, we're not bankrupt; we're more like a homeowner with a mortgage.  We have to keep working to make the payments.

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