"Little Sister"
by Rabbi Avraham Feld

"Little Sister."
    by Rabbi Avraham Feld

Little Sister
"Little Sister.
The Oral Law and the Need for it in Understanding Scripture"
by Rabbi Avraham Feld

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Rabbi Avraham Feld examines Scripture. He discusses the Name of God in the Hebrew text and shows how the Almighty commanded us to hide his Name!
This is proven from several different directions and various sources all pointing in the same direction.  The Oral Tradition expounded upon by the Sages is shown to have Divine Sanction from the  Bible!
This is the secret of Jewish survival despite persecutions and attempts through the ages at extermination physically and spiritually. Examples are given of the logical deductive guidelines used  by the Sages and as to how these may be derived from Scripture itself. The Prophets kept the Oral Tradition of the Sages and participated in its revelation. Proofs of the antiquity of the Oral Law are given from Scripture, historical sources and archaeology.  Scientific discoveries of recent times were known from the beginning to the Sages and are often hinted at in the Bible.
Man was created male and female. Each has its own role. In many ways the woman is much more important than the man and is often more worthy than he is!  This is what the Bible really says!
There are many hidden secrets in the Bible and Rabbi Feld discusses several of them in some depth.
This is a gripping and enthralling work.
Even if you disagree with part of what Rabbi Feld says chances are you will still be changed for the better by reading it.
You will certainly learn from it and enjoy the reading.
This is a very worthwhile work written with verve and eloquence. There is much that is new here and a great deal that really deserves to be known, and that you would want to know.
The book, "Little Sister," has a Prologue by Yair Davidiy.

"Little Sister" by Rabbi Avraham Feld costs $20 (price includes postage, etc) and has 148 pages.

"Little Sister
The Oral Law and the Need for it in Understanding Scripture
by Rabbi Avraham Feld is published by Russell-Davis Publishing, Jerusalem, Israel

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Little Sister Little Sister-by Rabbi Avraham Feld $20.00

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Little Sister Little Sister-by Rabbi Avraham Feld $20.00