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Turkish Anti-Semites Correlate with Chamish and pals

Steven Plaut: Is Mikey Lerner Joining the 9-11 Conspiracist Nazis?

Turkish Anti-Semites Correlate with Chamish and pals

Taken from another list:
Signandsight reports on an article in Die
Tageszeitung, 02.05.2006:
<<Anti-Semitism is growing in Turkey, and among Turks living in Germany, write Daniel Bax and Michael Kiefer. "The latest thing is books warning of an infiltration in Turkey by so-called Donmeh. The word Donmeh refers to followers of the former rabbi of Izmir, Sabbatai Sevi (1626 - 1676), and their descendants... In Jewish history, Sabbatai Sevi is considered a 'false Messiah.' But his followers' descendants are still mistrusted in modern Turkey as crypto Jews. They are viewed with hostility as they are said to have preserved certain Jewish rites and habits. And in fact, good numbers of Donme are found among committed publicists, liberal politicians and left-wing journalists.">>

The article (in German) may be found at:
Note the Donmeh are not Jewish but mixed Baktashi Turks and descendants of Jews who were followers of Shabtai Zvi though the Donmeh no longer do so.
Historically they have had VERY LITTLE influence on Turkish history and that little has been mildly progressive.
Nevertheless they are identified by others as Jewish and hostility to them is used as a cloak for hatred of the Jewish people and the State of Israel.
Armenian Nationalists are apparently seeking ways to link up with the Turks by blaming the Turkish massacres of the Armenians
on the Donmeh and on the Jews in general.
This is a lie but amongst the sources these liers are using are the lies of Chamish and his gang of reprobates.
For more details see:
Jerusalem News-438
#1. Chamish joins Armenian Nazi Lovers

Wikipedia: Donmeh

<<Donmeh have always been targets of anti-semitism in Turkey but since the publication of the book ebeke "Network" by socialist writer Prof. Dr. Yal n Kk in 2002, a new wave of conspiracy theories popular among the right-wing and left-wing nationalists emerged. According to these theories, Donmeh are related to each other through a network that consequently links them to "International jewry" and they are the ones behind consecutive governments in Turkey (compare to ZOG).

<<An interesting case is the one of Ilgaz Zorlu, a Donmeh publisher who founded Zvi Publishers in 2000 and sought recognition as a Jew but a Beth Din denied his application. Then he filed a lawsuit against the Turkish government and managed to change his "religion entry" in his ID records from Islam to Judaism. His acts are seen controversial by many, particularly due to his cooperation with renowned anti-Semites like Mehmed evket Eygi.

Note: The Donmeh are of mixed Turkish (Baktashi Muslem) and Jewish descent but their ancestors left the Jewish religion. They are not recognized as Jews and do not want to be so. Nowadays they either have no religion or are luke-warm muslims.
Historically most of their ancestors were gullible dupes who followed a false messiah and were led astray.
A few of their leaders may have been influenced by the same evil spirit that influenced Jacob Frank who was also a follower of Shabtai Zvi converted to Catholicism and encouraged the persecution of the Jewish people.
There may have been a kind of devil-worshipping type element amongst them that wants to destroy the Jews as there was amongst the Frankists who assimilated in Poland and Austria.
In some branches of Gnosticism the God of Israel and of the Bible was considered an evil God who created the earth which they said was a bad thing. They themselves worshipped the equivalent of the devil whom they considered the true deity.  There was an element amongst them that considered hatred of the Jews to be part of their religion. They mixed Christian and pagan theologies.
Some of these groups when forced to become Muslim created sects of their own that retained elements of their former creed. The Bakashi sect in Turkey grew out of such a milieu. The Bakashi in turn influenced both the ideological forerunners of the Nazis in Germany and Shabtai Zvi. Some of the followers of Zvi were Baktashi Gentiles.
This may be why this person who is trying to revive Shabtaism in Turkey is teaming up with anti-Semites and why Armenian Nazi types are also using his material as is the Israeli fifth columnist Barry Chamish.

The occult background of Nazism is well-known. Some of the ideaological inspirerers of the anti-Semitic Conspiracy Movement dabbled in witchcraft. Others make no secret of their tolerance for sexual perversion.

Note: The Enemies of Israel in these latter times are uniting. Conspiracy Freaks are co-operating with Nazi types and at least at the subconscious lervel co-ordinating with Muslim Nuts. This collection of reprobates is now being joined by notorious left-winger haters of Zionism and the State of Israel, as the article below demonstrates.

Is Mikey Lerner Joining the 9-11 Conspiracist Nazis?

by Steven Plaut

     As you no doubt know, the internet is crawling with web sites that claim to "prove" or "provide evidence" that the planes hijacked by Bin Laden's people did NOT strike the World Trade Center Towers, or did not knock them down at any rate, and ditto for the Pentagon.  Depending on which group of lunatics you read, the actual destruction of the WTC towers was either "done" by US Air Force pilots ordered to do so by President Bush, or more commonly claimed in these wards by explosives detonated from inside the building by the Mossad, the CIA, the CFR, or some other nefarious group of conspirators.
     Many of those promoting these "theories" are neo-nazis and Holocaust Deniers. Others are far-leftist "anarchists".    Others are just plain schizos.   Those of you who follow the ravings of Barry Chamish will recognize him as one of these 9-11 conspiracists (Chamish claims that Larry Silverstein, the owner of the WTC, personally placed explosives around the buildings on 9-11 to collect the insurance).
     While you may be tempted to dismiss this crowd of "theorists" as little more than jokes, these neo-nazis and mentally-deranged people are in fact quite dangerous.
     And now, it appears that Michael Lerner, the editor and publisher of Tikkun magazine has openly joined them.  Lerner had previously endorsed some of the claims of the conspiracy moonbats.  Wikipedia claims that Lerner has signed the "911 Truth Statement" ( ), along with a number of other far-leftists, calling for new investigations of "unexplained aspects" of the 9/11 events, and claiming or suggesting that the US government itself was behind the attacks. 
    Lerner has also signed petitions demanding "investigations" into supposed 9/11 anomalies here and here and elsewhere.  (Right after 9-11, Lerner had issued statements urging people to feel the pain of the terrorists and to stop further terrorism by  dismembering Israel see for example  "The same inability to feel the pain of others is the pathology that shapes the minds of these terrorists. We don't even see the symbolism when terrorists attack America's military center and our trade center--we talk of them as buildings, though others see them as centers of the forces that are causing the world so much pain.").
     A number of the 9-11 conspiracy web sites are crowing this week that Lerner is about to publish a long essay endorsing their conspiracist "theories" about what really happened on 9-11.   For example, on, a group calling itself the "Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth", it is announced with fanfare that Lerner is about to issue a public endorsement of the group.  This is a group founded by a lunatic Jew, a Christian and a Moslem (hence its name); for details go to
     They claim that Lerner will also be attending their little "conference" on their "theories" to be held in June in Chicago (see ).  They also claim thatm before he croaked, Lerner's Liberation Theology guru William Sloane Coffin also endorsed the conspiracists. 
     Here are (abridged) segments of the full text of the announcement, including direct citations they attribute to Lerner:
"Rabbi Michael Lerner, the prominent progressive Jewish activist and founder of Tikkun, has offered a powerful statement of encouragement and advice to the exploding 9/11 truth movement. Rabbi Lerners call for turning 9/11 truth into a force for  social change, and not just a forum for theorizing, offers a welcome note of inspiration to the upcoming international 9/11 truth conference in Chicago, 9/11: Revealing the Truth, Reclaiming Our Future, June 2nd to June 4th, 2006:
In an essay entitled What If We Succeed in Exposing 9/11 as a Fraud...What Next? Rabbi Lerner writes: ...I salute the people in this collection of articles who are doing an amazing job of exposing what may prove to be one of the most perverse conspiracies in the history of democratic governments. The essay will be published in 9/11 and the American Empire: Jews, Christians and Muslims Speak Out (Interlink, fall 2006).
Rabbi Lerner shares William Sloane Coffins focus on the power of 9/11 truth to bring positive, lasting change. In his essay, the Tikkun founder and veteran activist urges the 9/11 truth movement to develop a framework including specific suggestions for how to repair the damage done by these crimes"That is why the time is now, even as the courageous writers in this volume are still trying to obtain a forum for this important public discussion, for others of us to be developing a positive vision of what to do next once the details of what happened are exposed and those involved are being brought to trial.
Rabbi Lerners vision of 9/11-truth-triggered social and spiritual change is ambitious and provocative: In my new book The Left Hand of God: Taking Back Our Country from the Religious Right, I present a Spiritual Covenant with Americans which shows a very different way to challenge the power of war- and violence-oriented ideologies Winning support for this kind of thinking requires a very different kind of argument and focus than "could the towers have fallen as a result of strikes by airplanes."
Rabbi Lerner strongly suggests that the prosecution of American architects of the 9/11 attacks could provide an opportunity for positive social change: In fact, the kind of psychic trauma that would happen were the charges of intentional involvement in 9/11 by the president, vice president, and other high office holders or leaders of our security apparatus ever proved in a court of law would almost certainly open up political space for a serious discussion of the kinds of radical changes Im suggesting in the direction of our approach to foreign policy and homeland security.
Rabbi Michael Lerners essay What If We Succeed in Exposing 9/11 as a Fraud...What Next? represents the most forthright and visionary 9/11 truth statement yet by any prominent American Jewish leader. It is (an official part of the canon of) the 9/11 truth movement. Along with the already-mentioned statement by William Sloane Coffin, and the soon-to-be-published collection of 9/11 truth essays by respected religious thinkers from across the denominational spectrum, Rabbi Lerners statement shows that a growing interfaith 9/11 truth alliance is well on the way to healing the wounds of hatred and bigotry that the 9/11 covert operation inflicted.


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