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Ephraimite Forum-81
Date: 23 September /08 23 Elul 5768
1. Professor William Rubinstein Replies
to Claims Against the Allies Concerning the Holocaust
2. Archaeology: Brit-Am Version  of
Explorator 11.22
3. Dave Browning: Islam is the Enemy


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1. Professor William Rubinstein Replies
to Claims Against the Allies Concerning the Holocaust
[Note: This letter was NOT sent to the Brit-Am List but taken from
another list. It is however an answer by a noted scholar to an article that Brit-Am posted so we have
reproduced it here.]

Let me briefly make the following points:

a. taken on its own terms, Professor Michael's list of points does not go far enough. There were many other things which, it is obvious to us now, might have been done to stop the Holocaust. The first and foremost would have been to assassinate Hitler. This would have stopped the mass killing of the Jews in its tracks, in all likelihood. The atom bomb might, if at all possible, to have been developed a year earlier and dropped on Berlin. Ditto. It has been suggested by some historians that D-Day should have taken place in 1943, not 1944. This would possibly have saved Hungarian Jewry. The Allies forgot--literally forgot-- to add the German electricity grid to the list of targets for aerial bombardment. Germany's electricity was generated in fifty plants; electricity cannot be stored. Destroy them, and Germany could not carry on the war for a week.

b. the crucial point is that the list of fourteen points suggested by Prof. Michael differs markedly from this proposed by anyone at the time. In my book, I present in full all plans for rescue proposed anywhere in the English-speaking world during the Holocaust. It will be obvious to any reader that virtually all such proposals were totally useless. In particular, virtually no one could get his head round the fact that Europe's Jews were no longer refugees, who had to flee their homelands, as they had been in Nazi Germany in the 1930s, but the opposite, prisoners of Hitler, who were systematically prevented from leaving. To reiterate, no one anywhere proposed the bombing of Auschwitz or any other extermination camp, or the train lines to any camp, until April or May 1944. It is missing from all proposals for rescue made before then, including those made earlier in 1944. Even when it was first proposed, it was generally rejected as likely to kill Jews without stopping the killing process (which was quite accurate), for instance by David Ben-Gurion and by John Pehle, head of the US War Refugee Board. However, if anyone thinks that my claims are misleading, perhaps they might wish to set out exactly what Peter Bergson and his group-- this exchange began over Isi Leibler's praise for Bergson-- actually proposed during the War to rescue Jews, point by point.

Anyone will see at a glance that even the most militant activists in the democracies had no feasible plans for rescue.

c. Professor Michael is simply underestimating the determination of Hitler to kill Europe's Jews as his life's mission, which continued literally until the day he committed suicide.

He is also underestimating the efficiency and dedication of the SS killing machine under Himmler, and the complete lack of any power to influence events in Nazi-occupied Europe until the late stages of the War, if then. Wishful thinking all the way, I am afraid.

d. Any antisemitism in the State Department or the British Foreign Office was greatly outweighed by the simple fact that the US, Britain, and its allies were engaged with all their resources in trying to wipe the Nazi regime off the earth, which they were pursuing single-mindedly.

The point cannot be made too often that the Holocaust was carried out by Hitler, Himmler, and the SS, not by Roosevelt, Churchill, or Rabbi Stephen Wise, and it is both defamatory and ahistorical to suggest that it somehow was.

Professor William Rubinstein
Wales-Aberystwyth University

2. Archaeology: Brit-Am Version  of Explorator 11.22
From: david meadows <>
explorator 11.22 September 21, 2008
Still looking for bits of the Aleppo Codex:

On the Roman origins of Venice:

Troy was even bigger than previously thought:

More (rather late) coverage of that Roman temple at Zippori:

A followup to those Cypriot sarcophagi:

Danish archaeologists have uncovered a 1000 b.p. Viking shield:,2933,425260,00.html

Was the Viking Age triggered by a shortage of women?:

Strange medieval horse burial from Russia:

... and a medieval pottery kiln from Tula:

The Cerne Abbas Giant is getting a 'makeover': (Daily Mail)

More on the lost capital of the Khazars:,2933,425687,00.html

I think we mentioned this Saxon burial before:

Archaeology in Europe Blog:
Some very interesting petroglyphs from Australia:

New Zealand Archaeology eNews:

Did a Spaniard invent the telescope?:

Mount Ida and environs:

The 'Maine Woods':

Hueco Tanks:
Tel Kadesh:

Tel Dan:
================================================================ Archaeology:



Archaeology Briefs:

Dead Sea Scrolls:

The Tempest:

Tale of Two Cities:

Avraham Biran:


3. Dave Browning: Islam is the Enemy
Dear Yair, et al,

Concerning Gog and Magog; I recently heard a fellow by the name of Avi Lipkin (see links below) share a very compelling historical perspective on the matter. For decades, indeed centuries Protestant diviners of prophesy have taken the beast of prophecy to be the Catholic Church, or some restoration of ancient Rome in the form of a European Union. For the last few years I have come to understand the beast as neither of these. The true beast emanates from the desert; that is, from Arabia and Mesopotamia; specifically Babylon.

The Protestants may have gotten one thing right in all their divinations. The beast, or the "little horn" of Daniel will not be a secular governing system, or, it will not get its true power (gravitas) from its secular position; but rather from its spiritual, or religious persuasion. Only an "attitude" can transcend national (ethnic) frontiers. Only a religious cognizance (spirit) can unite diverse cultures for a common goal. This a goal to make that cognizance law. The goal of Islam; in this case; being the destruction of Judeao-Christianity in favor of Sharia (an ethnic basis of morality) law. After all Islam means "submission" and its radical priests preach that the Muslim's duty, indeed his/her ONLY hope of salvation; is by dieing in holy war, a war who's purpose is; to destroy all but submission (Islam).

I am working from memory, i saw Avi speaking (on television) several nights ago, but i think i get the jist of his message. The beast is Saudi Arabia's fanatic Wahabi:Suni Islam. The method will be flooding western democracies with obedient Muslims. Consider the fact that in only the last thirty years, Muslims have become huge voting blocks in most of the countries of Western Europe. The numbers are staggering, and approach 25 percent of the populations in many of these democracies. World wide, the Muslim population is the fastest growing. The growth is not a simple algebraic progression, it is logarithmic in proportions, meaning that these numbers double quickly, with alarming frequency.

How does Suadi Arabia do this? It is by funding "missionaries" with oil money. Saudi Arabia does not produce any industry, there is no Arabian automobile, or computer, or any other product of note. Their only industry of any significance is the producing armies of fanatical Muslims, faithful to the fundamental principle of Islam (the destruction of all other laws except Sharia) and eager to die for Islam.

For example; the Turkish government is not truly in control in Turkey, Saudi Arabian missionaries are. Turkey is merely a proxy for Saudi Arabia. It is the Saudi's who own most of Turkey, and there by controls the politicians, and more importantly the bureaucrats. It is the Saudi's who feeds and supports the middle and lower classes in Turkey via missionary organizations like Hammas. The upper classes owe their positions (in a solvent economy) to the funds coming into Turkey via the Saudi network of "missionaries".

Not only is Europe fast filling up with Muslims (with the United States not far behind - we actually have Muslims who are in government, who refuse to swear their allegiance on the Bible now) but the whole area between the Balkans (The Eastern Adriatic) and Russia, to the north of Afghanistan and Pakistan is teeming with Muslims. Estimates place their numbers in the 250 million range. Now consider, with these and the numbers in Europe, as well as the United States and the other Judeao-Christian nations and the Middle East we have a majority religion who's only goal is to destroy us. And it should be no revelation by now, they are eagerly working toward that goal with all haste. But all those "...stans" up there are Gog and Magog, and it is from them where the great armies will come.

Originally Allah was only one of the host of 360 (one for each day of the year) idols worshiped in Arabia before the 7th century AD. He was the moon deity, hence the Crescent Moon adorns the faith of Submission (Islam) to this day.

There are other major differences between Islam and Judeao-Christianity. For example the Muslim man can have up to 4 wives. Wives in the Islamic tradition are chattel, or, nothing more than property, their purpose is to bear children, to die for islam. The have no other social function and Sharia law is quiet specific about this. What this means is the Muslim man can father up to 4 children a year, where the Christian only one, legally. So you can see how their numbers can grow to horrendous proportions where any other religion is concerned.

Anyway, it has taken me a while to get this to you, I wanted to research it a lot more, but everything here is pretty much right on the mark. Also, anyone who is concerned about such things will definitely want to check out Avi's site (see below). I have seen him speak on several occasions on television and have always been inspired and enjoyed his wit, and humor. I do not know what his views on the Lost Tribes are but it doesn't matter, his message is an important ones to the sons of Jacob by the flesh, or the spirit.

Avi Lipkin's (Alias Victor Mordecai) web site:
Here is a link to some actual audio (mp3) recordings of some of his lectures:


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