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Date: 17 August /08 16 Av 5768
1. Health: Running slows aging process: study
2. Royal Family:
Prince Charles Helps Small-scale Scottish Food Producers Stay Afloat
3. Nationalities: Scotland
Reasons to be cheerful: Scots are among Europe's happiest


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1. Health: Running slows aging process: study
August 12, 2008 - 7:06AM

Running can slow the aging process, according to a study conducted over two decades by American researchers and published today.

The study by the Stanford University School of Medicine found people over 50 who ran regularly over several years suffered fewer disabilities, had a longer span of active life and reduced their risk of dying early by 50 per cent compared to those who were inactive.

"The study has a very pro-exercise message," said James Fries, MD, an emeritus professor at the medical school and the study's senior author.

"If you had to pick one thing to make people healthier as they age, it would be aerobic exercise."

The study, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, tracked 538 people over 50 who had run several times a week since 1984 and compared them to a similar group of non-runners.

As the subjects aged, the health gap between the runners and non-runners widened, continuing even into their 90s. "We did not expect this," said Fries, 69, himself an avid runner. "The health benefits of exercise are greater than we thought."

He attributed this to runners having a leaner body mass and generally healthier habits.

Running's effect on delaying death also was more dramatic than the researchers had expected -- 19 years after the study began, 34 per cent of the non-runners had died, compared to just 15 per cent of the runners.

2. Royal Family:
Prince Charles Helps Small-scale Scottish Food Producers Stay Afloat

In the URL below do not be put off by the title.
The article is actually quite positive.
The Prince of Wales: 'If that is the future, count me out'

3. Nationalities:
Reasons to be cheerful: Scots are among Europe's happiest
By Hamish Macdonell
Scottish Political Editor

Excerpts Only:
THE traditional image of Scots as dour, doom-laden pessimists was shaken yesterday by a new Europe-wide survey showing them to be among the happiest people in the Continent.
The research, carried out across 24 countries, found Scots are failing to live up to their caricature. They are now the happiest in Britain and the third most contented in Europe, beaten only by the Swiss and the Danes.

On a ten-point scale, Scots scored a "life satisfaction" rating of 8.06, compared with 7.2 for the rest of the UK.

At the bottom of the scale, with scores of less than five, came Ukraine and Bulgaria.

People all over Europe were asked to rate their happiness on a scale of one to ten. Happiness was divided into five sections: job, family, standard of living, life as a whole and happiness.

In Scotland, the survey found that women were generally happier than men, that people became happier as they grew older and that those with more money were happier.

A degree, or time in higher education, also helped to make people more contented in later life, as did homes in rural or semi-rural areas and working for small companies.

The report also found that people who were married or in long-term relationships were happier than the single, the separated and the divorced.

The results followed increasing evidence this week that the Scottish economy was weathering the economic downturn better than the rest of the UK, with unemployment still falling and house prices continuing to rise.

Sheila Panchal, a psychologist, said: "This suggests the popular image of the nation as glass-half-empty pessimists is outdated. There appear to be much more positive feelings coming out, which we can be very pleased about."

Ms Panchal said part of this might come from Scots having a stronger a sense of "belonging" than ever before.

Dr Stephen Joseph, professor of psychology at Nottingham University, said: "One of the main things, in terms of people's happiness and contentment, is social networks and community cohesion.

"Possibly in Scotland, where communities are smaller than in the south of England, people have more connection with family and friends."

SHIRLEY Spear lives in the community of Glendale near Loch Dunvegan on Skye, where she runs the Three Chimneys restaurant and hotel.

Mrs Spear believes that Scots are happier than their UK counterparts because of the strong relationship they have with their country.
She said: "People in Scotland have a real sense of belonging which other countries don't really have. The rest of the UK does have a sense of identity, but I don't think they feel like they belong quite as much as we do in Scotland."

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