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Ephraimite Forum-60
Date: 15/May/08 10th Iyar 5768
1. Overview of Anti-Semitism worldwide
2. Books Reviewed and
Essay: Churchill and His Myths
3. New Apocryphal Work Discovered:
Messiah Son of Joseph References

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1. Overview of Anti-Semitism worldwide
 For News, Information, and Discussion concerning Anti-Semitism worldwide
 see the
  Steven Roth Institute (Tel Aviv University) Bulletin:
 For a world-wide view see especially:

2. Books Reviewed and Essay: Churchill and His Myths
by Geoffrey Wheatcroft
This is a book review about three books in which Winston Churchill is criticized for having been Winston Churchill.  The writing is witty if confusing and a few anecdotes of interest are given. This review may be worth reading for the sake of perspective but historically we may be thankful that Winston was Churchill and not somebody else other than himself.

3. New Apocryphal Work Discovered:
Messiah Son of Joseph References
The [biblical-studies] e-mail list had a note from Jim West:
List folk may find this essay to be of interest- from Israel Knohl

titled *"By Three Days, Live": Messiahs, Resurrection, and Ascent to Heaven in "Hazon Gabriel"

via James Tabor.

This takes you to a short introductory note from the
Shalom Hartman Insitute Web Site where we are told:
Ada Yardeni and Binyamin Elitzur have recently published a fascinating text ("Document: A First-Century BCE Prophetic Text Written on a Stone: First Publication," Cathedra 123 (2007), 155-66 (Heb).) of an apocalypse transmitted by the angel Gabriel, that they suggest calling "Hazon Gabriel" (the Vision of Gabriel ). Based on its linguistic features, they date the text, written in Hebrew on stone, to the late first century BCE. This suggestion is corroborated by the paleographic evidence which points to the late first century BCE or the early first century CE......

After a few more words we are referred to a PDF document discussing the test in question.

The article is quite short and well-written.
Some of you may find it worth reading since it discusses concepts about the Messiah son of Ephraim (i.e. of Joseph) etc that may be of interest.

Even so, do not take it too seriously.
It is NOT Biblical.
It is NOT Rabbinical.
It is not considered inspired. Until now no-one seems to have ever heard of it.
It could even be a clever forgery and a plague of clever forgeries have recently been afflicting academia.
At all events,
It belongs to a genre of literature that the Rabbis were often highly critical of.
Even so, assuming it is genuine it reflects a point of view concerning the Messiah son Ephraim that is perhaps worth being aware of.
The article also contains references to more material on the same subject.

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