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Ephraimite Forum-58
Date: 62/May/08 Ist Iyar 5768
1. Archaeology: Brit-Am Version of Explorator :11.2
2. Conspiracy Freaks (?) Caught Forging letters Against British Royal Family
3. Italy: The Captive Jews of San
Nicandro who Came Back to Israel

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1. Archaeology: Brit-Am Version of Explorator :11.2
From: david meadows <>
explorator 11.2 May 4, 2008
A 500 year old shipwreck off South Africa/Namibia:,0,7017129.story
Medical examiners weigh in on Akhenaten's 'androgeny':,0,1675321.story

Fossil shells and the pyramids:


Gladiator school reminiscences: (CTrib)

A lengthy article on Roman costume:

Another article on Roman technology:

Saudi (sic) women had more rights in Roman times than today:

Review of a couple of books about Herodotus:

Recent reviews from BMCR:

Recent reviews from Scholia:

Visit our blog:

Mediterranean Archaeology:
A Bronze Age flint blade from Herefordshire:

... and they're looking for a Bronze Age axe 'factory':

Another stone circle:

Archaeology in Europe Blog:

I could have sworn they did this DNA thing on what was thought to
be the remains of Nicholas' children last year:

X-rays reveal a hidden portrait of Shakespeare (maybe):

Records from trials at the Old Bailey are now online:

Tel Dan:

2. Conspiracy Freaks (?) Caught Forging letters Against British Royal Family,25197,23645391-601,00.html
More lies about the British Royalty exposed
Brought to our attention on the [origin of nations] list.

We do not know really know whether or not Martin Allen is a Conspiracy Freak.
We do know that his works tie in with "Revisionist" historians that overlap with Conspiracy Freaks.

Allen has a history of using forged letters in his works, see:

The Hitler-Hess Deception - Martin Allen

The death of Heinrich Himmler

As for the Content Matter the Duke of Windsor and his wife while in Europe did have a record of being overduly "polite" and even amicable towards leading Nazi  officials but this is still a long way from committing treason.
Historically, Rudolf Hess was a leading Nazi.
  <<he flew solo to Scotland in an attempt to negotiate peace with the United Kingdom, but instead was arrested. He was tried at Nuremberg and sentenced to life internment at Spandau Prison, where he remained until his death in 1987 as a result of strangulation by an electrical cord. The official cause of death was recorded as suicide.

Rudolf Hess - Biography
Rudolf Hess (1894-1987), Deputy Fuehrer and considered to be the number 3 man in Hitler's Germany after Goering. Hess was a somewhat neurotic member of Hitler's inner circle best known for his surprise flight to Scotland on May 10, 1941 in which he intended to negotiate peace with the British, but which resulted in his capture and long term imprisonment.

Hess wanted to convince the British Government that Hitler only wanted Lebensraum for the German people and had no wish to destroy a fellow 'Nordic' nation. He also knew of Hitler's plans to attack the Soviet Union and wanted to prevent Germany from getting involved in a two-front war, fighting the Soviets to the east of Germany, and Britain and its allies in the west.

During interrogation in a British Army barracks, he proposed that if the British would allow Nazi Germany to dominate Europe, then the British Empire would not be further molested by Hitler. He insisted that German victory was inevitable and even threatened that the British people would be starved to death by a Nazi blockade around the British Isles unless they accepted his generous peace offer.

But Hess also displayed signs of mental instability to his British captors and they concluded he was half mad and represented only himself. Churchill, realizing this, and somewhat infuriated by his statements, ordered Hess to be imprisoned for the duration and treated like any high ranking POW.

Hess was declared insane by a bewildered Hitler, and effectively disowned by the Nazis. His flight ultimately caused Hitler and the Nazis huge embarrassment as they struggled to explain his actions.

Brit-Am Comment: The commonly accepted explanation of the actions of Hess are that they were on his own initiative, without the knowledge of others, and possibly the result of mental disturbance. This would seem to be correct. Hess however has become something of a hero to Neo-Nazis whose mode of thought is in effect almost identical with that of leading Conspiracy Freaks.
Martin Allen claims to feel that Hess (or Hitler himself?) had been deluded by the British and that his flying to Scotland was somehow connected with Germany invading Russia which happened almost immediately afterwards.
Haushofer's father, Karl, tutored Hess at university and also instructed Hitler on his theories of 'geopolitics'. These were a key influence on Hitler's obsession with 'living space' - German expansionism into Russian territory. So father and son could point us towards the answer to one of the greatest questions of World War II - Why did Hitler turn east to Russia, creating a two-front war (which lost World War I for Germany), instead of finishing off Britain when he had her at his mercy? Allen suggests the British plot could have been the deciding factor in Hitler's decision - and thus one of the most important factors of the Allied war effort.

Brit-Am Comment:
Allen also claims that both Hess and Himler were murdered and did not commit suicide as officially reported.
Here too they seem to be wrong but what if they were right? Why should those two villains not have been put to death?
Hitler invading Russia enabled the Allies to defeat Germany. What was wrong with that?
Nothing was wrong with it yet Allen and other Conspiracy Freaks write of it as if it was a crime!
So too, Conspiracy Freaks claim that President Roosevelt allowed the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor in order to get the USA into the War.
He did not but if he had have done and thus helped saved the world would it still be a crime?
Conspiracy Freaks reveal themselves to be themselves patsies of a "Conspiracy".
They serve the interests of elements that are against the Jews, against Britain, and against the USA.

3. Italy: The Captive Jews of San Nicandro who Came Back to Israel
Conflated Sources:
The Converts of San Nicandro,9171,793833,00.html
"Prophet of San Nicandro," Story of Italian Converts

In the little Southern Italian village of San Nicandro, 36 men, women, and children  embraced the Jewish faith.. They were converted by a wounded veteran of World War I, Donato Manduzio, himself a non-Jew, who had become convinced that the Jews were God's chosen people. Manduzio died in 1948, but his work was being carried on in San Nicandro by his widow.
The conversion of San Nicandro began almost 20 years ago with dark-eyed, sallow Donato Manduzio. Invalided by shrapnel in World War I, Donato had lain for years on a miserable straw mattress in an attic room. At first he wept bitterly that he could not join in the daily life of his native San Nicandro Garganico (pop. 20,000). But gradually, the sounds of women singing as they carried water in copper vessels on their heads, the cries of the black-hatted mule-drivers, the hammering of cobblers in the tiny, dark shops (Donate had been a cobbler himself) lost their attraction for Donato. He heard them no more, because he was too busy reading the Bible.

"Shalom!" When the Chief Rabbi in Rome received Manduzio's first letter applying for entry into the Jewish community, he thought someone was joking. Several letters from Manduzio were left unanswered. Then the Chief Rabbi took notice. The letters, which invariably bore the date according to the Jewish calendar, began with the traditional words "beloved brethren" and ended with "shalom" written in clear Hebrew letters, told how Manduzio had made converts, first a few individuals, then whole families: a total of 80 people. Most of Donato's fellow cobblers in San Nicandro had joined him in the Jewish faith.

The Rabbi was reluctant to take this unusual group into the community until he had heard more about them. So for many years-San Nicandro's converts remained in a category which Hebrews call "semi-Jews." They had no proper synagogue, but met, as they still do, in Manduzio's own house.

The converts' persistence was rewarded in the fall of 1943, when the town was liberated by [Jewish] Palestinian units of the [British] Eighth Army. The "Manduzians" received them with wild enthusiasm. Manduzio wrote in a letter: "Allied troops have arrived at San Nicandro. . . . When we noticed that vehicles had Hebrew signs we said to ourselves: these people are Jews, and we hoisted a flag with the same sign in front of my door. A truck stopped in front of my house and so did a whole convoy. They entered our home saluting with 'shalom.'"

Then came another miracle: A camp was to have been established for survivors from Nazi-ism. There were no supplies. But without advance knowledge the new Jews had gathered enough supplies to make that possible.

And then came another great development: volunteers from the ranks of the new Jews for defense of the new state of Israel.

The five volunteers selected their own location for the group's settlement: Ras el Ahmar in Galilee. They sent for the entire group and while the San Nicandro Christians offered them freedom from taxes to remain there, they refused: they were called home to Israel.

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