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Ephraimite Forum-54
Date: 22/April/08 22th Nissan 5768
1. Informative Lecture on Homosexuality
2. Archaeology: Brit-Am Version of
Explorator 10.52 
3. Russ
Curenton: Harry Potter - an anti-Semite?
4. Food Shortages:
(a) Doomsday
Afficianado but worth Reading
(b) Michael
5. Early Vikings in Ireland preceded by Anglo-Saxons

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1. Informative Lecture on Homosexuality
From: Eliezer <>
Homosexuality 101

2. Archaeology: Brit-Am Version of Explorator 10.52 
From: David Meadows <>

explorator 10.52                            April 20, 2008

=========================================br> ANCIENT NEAR EAST AND EGYPT

They've put a face on a mummy in the Berkshire Museum:

Some Western Wall stones are in danger of crumbling: (JPost)

More coverage of that 'accord' between Israeli and Palestinian

Tourism is booming in Syria:

I think we've had this druid burial before: (Independent)

They're wrapping up the dig at Stonehenge: (CTV)

What we're learning from medieval cod bones:

Dental work on homo floresiensis may cause some questioning of
the antiquity of the 'hobbit' (or not):

More coverage of that 'burial cave' in the Philippines:

A bit out of our date range, but folks might like this collection
of photos etc. from the 1908 Olympics: (DM)

With the Indiana Jones movie on the way, I suspect we'll be reading
a lot about crystals skulls and their (in)authenticity:

... and no doubt we'll read more about the 'prophecies' of the
Mayan calendar:

'Earthquake' archaeology:

How epidemics shape cities:

Old(est?) photos and the problems of dating them:

Recreating Jefferson's library:

Interesting item on endowment funds:

Some Kabbalah history in this one:

The Odyssey Marine saga is beginning to get confusing:




Tel Dan:

Hopkins in Egypt Today:

... and the restitution to be paid by that family of forgers:

A number of historic synagogues in Tehran have been demolished:

An update on the Oded Golan trial:

Looting Matters:
A teacher has found a box full of old coins in Russia:

A Princeton numismatist has received a Guggenheim:

Trying to get a Trafalgar medal:

1794 Large Cents:

Ancient Coin Collecting:

Ancient Coins:

Homer's Influence:

Woven Splendor from Timbuktu to Tibet:

The Nevada Historical Society has acquired a nice collection:

Ruins found in Antarctica:

... and the Severn Boat is said to have crossed the Atlantic:

This (spoof) touches on a number of items in today's Explorator:

3. Russ Curenton: Harry Potter - an anti-Semite?

Shalom Yair,
Are you familiar with the Harry Potter movies?
I THOUGHT I WAS, until this weekend when I watched all five of them in a row, for lack of anything better to do...
In the first movie, these little "goblins", short, evil little creatures who dominate banking and have a Magen David in the foyer of their "Gringott's Bank" (on the floor) are a not-so-veiled slap against Hebrews.
Next, the movies slap against people like me, in that the thrust of the whole series is that people who believe in keeping a people free from mixing their bloodlines with others are the way, there are more than a few Hebrews who do not hold with this idea of Hebrews marrying / having babies with non-Hebrews...
Without naming them (the Royal Family), the practice of choosing a King or Queen from among a certain carefully defended bloodline is also insinuated to be evil in its nature.
Finally, the thing that really convinces me that the Harry Potter series is anti-Semitic in its secret agenda is the evil Lord, known as Voldemort, but most commonly referred to as "he who must not be named"...
That can only be a thinly disguised slander against the respectful Hebrew practice of not speaking the name of Hashem.  In the Harry Potter movies, this "lord" with the ineffable name is evil...
Ok, so granted, I'm drifting a bit into the conspiracy theorist camp here...hahah!  But I can see the agenda to turn people against religion, the Monarchy and Jews in particular, even if nobody else can...

Brit-Am Comment: Maybe "Gringott's Bank" is a play on "Gringo" i.e. American?

4. Food Shortages:
(a) Doomsday Afficianado but worth Reading
The Biofuels Scam, Food Shortages and the Coming Collapse of the Human Population

From: Max Rambow <>
Subject: Fwd: Food Crisis Article


By Michael Burkert (22 Nov 07)
Do you remember, not too long ago when the United States and Canada were in a dilemma over the vast national surpluses of wheat, corn, barley and other food grains?  Remember the endless photos shown on nightly news of the vast mountains of grain?  Do you remember our hand-wringing politicians worrying about low farm prices?   It seemed like it would never end.  Unfortunately, it did end.  Our surpluses are no more.  In fact, we have a SHORTAGE of foodstuffs in our nation today. 
Besides the vast quantities of grain, the United States also had surpluses of butter, cheese, eggs and even meat.  Our nation?s agriculture production surpassed anyone and everyone in the entire world.  The United States was envied not only due to our ability to produce food, but our consumption of it as well.
While we Americans and Canadians were dining on porterhouse steaks, baked potatoes, fresh baked rolls and butter, washed down with fresh cold milk or a cup of coffee with real cream, our neighbors around the world weren't faring so well.  Even in the 1970s and 80s, the majority of the world's population went to bed hungry at night.  That is if they had a bed to go to at night.
Our nation?s economy is founded on the ability to grow and produce vast quantities of food.  Over the past century, both Canada and the United States exported BILLIONS of tons of foodstuffs to the hungry world.  Much of the food we exported was given away as foreign aid.  Much of that food has gone to our enemies.  That's correct.  While the US has officially enforced an embargo against Communist Cuba, MILLIONS of tons of rice, beans, corn and other commodities have been GIVEN to Castro and his imprisoned nation.
The same holds true with North Korea.  President Jimmy Carter opened the gates to that enemy and sent the first of many to come shiploads of free grain and other foods.  Although food shipments to Iran were suspended during the 444 days of humiliation (storming of the US Embassy in Tehran by Islamic "students") imposed on both Carter and the United States, food shipments were reinstated as a "humanitarian gesture" under the administration of President Clinton.   President Bush never suspended food shipments initiated under both the Carter and Clinton Administrations, out of fear of criticism in the news and entertainment media.  No doubt fear of criticism in the UN weighed heavy on the minds of Secretary of State Colin Powell and other State Department officials. 
The bottom line is that neither the United States, nor Canada has the ability to weather the famine that we face in the not too distant future.  You say that can?t happen.  The US and Canada are major food producers and will never suffer famine.  Guess again!
Many factors are rapidly coming into play that will have a severe impact on our two nations.  Our national reserves of food are low.  When disaster strikes our ability to weather the storm will prove inadequate.  Several factors may come into play that will greatly diminish our ability in the US to even remain a nation, as we know it.
Our national currency, the US Dollar is shrinking everyday in value.  Already Japan is buying oil from Iran and other Middle Eastern producers and using YEN as payment.  Some European nations are already paying for oil in EUROS, albeit under the table, as the DOLLAR remains the currency in which oil is bought and sold.  Not for much longer however!  The DOLLAR may well be replaced by the EURO before the end of 2008.  The weak dollar, may well be THE issue of the 2008 election cycle, right behind the war with Islam.  
The fact is, there is a shortage of grain worldwide.  Liberal socialist politics is partly to blame for the shortages due to their demand to produce ethanol if well meaning; yet misguided efforts to replace oil as our source of energy. 
Oil is the engine on which our national economy operates.  Without it, our agriculture-based economy will grind to a rapid halt.  While we have BILLIONS of barrels of KNOWN OIL RESERVES in both offshore fields as well as the Alaska National Wildlife Reserve (ANWR), Liberal Democrat politicians have successfully blocked any and all efforts to tap those resources. 
The worry over a possible oil spill is the given reason.  Yet Cuba was given vast oil drilling rights (by the Carter Administration) in the late 70?s, and China is now developing those drilling rights on behalf of Castro.   Apparently an oil spill in the Caribbean caused by communist enemies is more palatable than one caused by an American oil company.
The ultimate collapse of the DOLLAR will have ramifications worldwide.  Not only will energy prices soar astronomically, but the scarcity of energy for the US and Canada, predicated by the long-standing liberal socialist agenda will effectively grind our agriculture-based economy to a halt.  While some in the world are hopeful that the US will finally "get ours," they have no idea as to the effect our collapse, will have on the world as a whole.


The United States literally, feeds the world.  This has been true since 1945.  Despite recent downturns in North American agriculture and the diversion of grain to ethanol production and other non-food uses, the US continues to feed the world.  When we no longer have this ability, the world's economies will suffer devastating setbacks. 
Despite the fact that China is not our friend, China NEEDS the United States.  The Chinese economy, while buzzing along must create 25-MILLION new jobs every year, just to keep up with the growing population.  Without America as a customer for the BILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF TRADE each year, China's economy will grind to a screeching halt as well. 
The aging communist elite in China knows all too well, that their ability to maintain control of the Chinese people is predicated on the continuing ability to keep the masses working.  That means that the factories must continue making goods for export.  They have no choice but, to hope for the continuation of the American market as a source for their manufactured goods.
The same principle holds true with the Germans.  Germany is an exporting nation and much of what the Germans build or manufacture ends up in North America. 

5. Early Vikings in Ireland preceded by Anglo-Saxons

From: "Peter Langley"
Subject: [DNA] Viking slave trade in Ireland
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2008 17:43:12 +0100

The following is a brief extract, containing salient points, from an article published in the Irish edition of the London Sunday Times. Based on a lecture given by Linzi Simpson director of a dig undertaken by Margaret Gowen and Company in Dublin in 2003 and delivered to University College Dublin last week.

The bodies of four Vikings were unearthed. Isotope analysis undertaken at Bradford University, focusing on the warriors dental remains, show that two of them came form Scandinavia, but that the other two grew up most probably in the Hebridean Islands off Scotland. Carbon dating showed they died about 841AD, this is almost 100 years before it had been believed the Vikings first visited Ireland.
The area of the dig showed it had been a large settlement with probably 3,000 to 5,000 people living there before it was cleared in 902.

In a previous dig near by in the late 1990s, the remains of a pre Viking house was found. It was neither Irish or Viking but probably Anglo Saxon in origin suggesting that settlers from England had already been living on the site before the Vikings came.

At the end of her lecture, Linzi goes on:
However a darker picture is also emerging of a Dublin established on slavery. "The common picture is of Vikings coming in search of booty and silver, but in the case of the Dublin Vikings, their biggest enterprise was almost certainly as slavers.
"And we're talking about raids that took 300 to 400 people at a time and then shipped them off to be sold in other locations. The Irish people they captured could have ended up as far afield as Russia."

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