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Date: 9/April/08 4th Nissan 5768
1. Archaeology: Ashkelon, Israel, "Oldest arched gate in the world restored"
2. Climatic Change: Article followed by Brit-Am Comment
3. "Counter Conspiracy Theory Suggestions
and the Big Oil Money".

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1. Archaeology: Ashkelon, Israel,
"Oldest arched gate in the world restored"

The oldest arched gate in the world, located in Ashkelon, has been restored, nearly four thousand years after it was first built.
Ashkelon's Canaanite gates date from 1850 BCE
Photo: Danny Biran/IsraelTG

The Canaanite gate, which was constructed around 1,850 BCE as part of the port city's fortifications, is believed to be the most ancient arched gate in the world. The mostly brick and limestone gate is 15 meters long, more than 2 meters wide and almost 4 meters high.

Its base was uncovered in 1992 during a Harvard University archeological dig led by Prof. Lawrence Steiger, said Ra'anan Kislev, director of conservation at the Antiquities Authority.

The authority has now finished reconstructing the gate, after eight years. Three wooden arches were rebuilt to restore the complete figure of an arch and to provide support for the structure, Kislev said.

"We wanted to give visitors a feeling of walking through a gate that brings you inside a city," he said.

The $700,000 project, which was carried out with a donation from the Council for a Beautiful Israel and in cooperation with the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, is part of a long-term plan to convert the history-rich area to a more extensive archeological park, said Zeev Margalit, head of the authority's conservation and development department.

"The idea is part of a conceptual change from a park that is used for picnics and holiday barbecues and bathing to a park that is also a park of values and content," Margalit said.

Ashkelon, whose history is filled with alternating periods of construction and destruction by invaders, was a major trading center due to its location on the Coastal Road, the main thoroughfare between Egypt and Syria.

A small city shrine was also discovered outside the gate, on a slope descending toward the sea.

Inside the shrine, a bronze figurine of a calf overlayed with silver was uncovered.

The calf was a symbol of the Canaanite deity Ba'al and the shrine may have served for worship

Scholars believe the shrine was located on the way to Ashkelon's port so that those embarking on a sea voyage or returning from one could pray or give thanks to the deity for the success of their journey.

The park, which includes the city's Roman Basilica, its ancient city walls, statues of Roman and Greek goddesses, an ancient waterwheel and well, and the remains of Byzantine period church - all of them located amid lush vegetation - is open to the public throughout the week.

2. Climatic Change: Extracts from Article preceded by Brit-Am Comment
Brit-Am Introduction:
The article below shows that climate operates in cycles.
Climatic Changes do occur as part of the natural order of the world.
There have been climatic changes in the past.
He mentions:
The Medieval Warm Period from roughly 800 AD to about 1300 AD.
The Little Ice Age from roughly 1450 AD (?) to about 1850 AD.
Claims "Green is the new red".
"Ecoalarmists" have an agenda.
It is all a "conspiracy".
The author claims:
"Funded by the same transnational bankers, industrialists and merchant princes who financed the Bolshevik Revolution, the watermelons used taxation and costly bureaucratic regulations to prevent new-generation-wealth from overtaking them in the economic marketplace."

The Good Old Conspiracy Boys apparently never give up.
It may be that people with leftist inclinations have jumped on the ecological wagon.
It may also be that some of the "socialist" types have rich or quite upper middle class backgrounds and actually despise the "people".
There is however no conscious Conspiracy and never was.
It may be that some of the draconian measures proposed by the ecologists would be economically harmful.
Some would not be. It might actually help the economy to become less oil-dependent and seriously search for and implement alternate energy sources.

At all events it cannot be denied that industrial pollution does harm people and hurt the environment.
Some of the damage may indeed be inevitable and a necessary concomitant of needed production.
Where there is a will there is a way however and reducing pollution can be and should be done.
See item no.3 below:
#3. "Counter Conspiracy Theory Suggestions
and the Big Oil Money".

Whatever the case it is worth noting that climatic change is occurring.
This could result in some areas of the world becoming less habitable than they are at present while others areas may in turn become more amenable.
The outcome could be the need for a new MIGRATION OF PEOPLES.
Keep it in mind.


by Jon Christian Ryter
April 9, 2008


Part One:
In the late 10th century AD the Norse Icelandic Vikings settled Greenland. In that land they found fertile fields, an abundance of trees and navigable rivers teeming with cod and seals. The summers were long enough to grow bountiful crops. By the mid-12th century the Viking communities were thriving. In its heyday, there were about 5,000 people living in two major settlements in Greenland. One settlement was located along the coast on the southeast. About 80% of the settlers lived here. About 1,000 settlers lived in a smaller settlement on the southwestern coastal area. Over a period of about 350 years, the land was stripped of lumber. When settlements were founded, many of the trees were cut to build primitive log homes.

Within 300 years, most of the trees were consumed as fuel. A major temperature shift known today as the Little Ice Age began around 1300 AD. By 1378 AD almost all of the Vikings were gone. Those who remained died of starvation, froze to death in the devastatingly cold winters, or were killed by Induit Indians. Around 1350 AD as the Vikings began to leave, the Arctic Induits began migrating South as temperatures in the more northern regions plummeted quickly and dramatically transforming their lands into an uninhabitable frozen desert of ice and snow. What happened?

Climate change. In 1350 AD a Norse bishop was sent by his church to the western settlement of Garoar, Greenland. When he arrived he discovered, with the exception of a few Induits, there was no one there. The settlement had been abandoned. By the first or second decade in the 1500s the climate had became dangerously inhospitable. Only a handful of Europeans remained in Greenland. By the middle of that century only the Induits, who were able to adapt to the inhospitable climate, remained.

The contemporary writings of ecoalarmists suggest that Icelandic Vikings?in particular Erik the Red?wanted to fool Norwegian and Danish settlers into believing that the barren inhospitable terrain of Kalaallit Nunaat (the green land) was hospitable, and that it had moderate temperatures suitable for farming and for community life. According to "The Book of Icelanders" and the "Saga of Erik the Red," (extracted from the oral history of Iceland) Erik the Red named the glacier island "Greenland" saying that settlers "...would be eager to go there if it had a good name." If Greenland was really so barren in the 12th century that settlers would have to be tricked to go there, the only value Greenland would have to the Icelandic Vikings would have been as military outposts to keep their enemies from building forts and staging areas in southern Kalaallit Nunaat to attack the Viking settlements in warmer Iceland.

The archeology of the area suggested a hurried departure. Scientific excavations in the two settlements were revealing. The diggings in the Greenlandic garbage heaps show a shift in livestock from 1000 AD to 1300 AD. The early Greenlandic farmers raised cows and pigs. As the winters began to lengthen and the farmers suffered colder temperatures, there was not enough hay to get the farmers through the increasingly severe winters. The farmers switched from cows and pigs to sheep and goats. In the more temperate regions along the coast where the air was still warmed by gulf stream, settlers ate both cattle and caribou. By 1400 AD there were no more traces of domestic livestock, nor even, of caribou. The settlers - probably all Induit -ate seals and fish. It is very likely that those Europeans who remained behind in Greenland after 1378 AD were killed by the Induit since archeological digs of Induit sites reveal many Viking artifacts materials made of metal and wood, two staples not possessed by the Induit.

Oxygen isotope core samples taken from the Greenland ice sheets reveal that the Viking inhabitation of Greenland took place during the Medieval Warm Period from roughly 800 AD to about 1300 AD. The temperature was 1.4 to 3.5 degrees Celsius higher than it was in 1450 AD. The Little Ice Age lasted until 1850. Cooling periods on Earth, like warming periods, are caused by one thing and one thing only. Cyclic solar activity.

The scientific reality of Greenland runs counter to the fables about Greenland generated by ecoalarmists to benefit politicians who want to persuade the gullible of the world that humankind is responsible for what the ecoalarmists believe is carbon dioxide-generated global warming. In their minds, the current warming trends in Greenland is proof positive that catastrophic flooding that "caused by man" will erase the coastal lowlands around the world within the next 100 years.

PART 2 of 3


 In 2010 the United States will be required to limit carbon dioxide emissions by 7% below its 1990 levels. Seven percent does not seem like much. However, US industrialists have warmed that due to increased productivity, what factories remain in the US will produce 16% more greenhouse gases in 2010 than it did in 1990. So what sounds like a 7% reduction is actually a 23% reduction. In the second phase of Kyoto, the United States would have to reduce carbon dioxide emission by 60% below its 1990 level. This would virtually end manufacturing of any type in the United States of America. At that point the United States would have to rely completely on its new step-siblings in the southern hemisphere where carbon dioxide doesn't appear to cause pollution by the rules established by those transferring the wealth of the First World to the Third World where the human capital that will become the primary consumers of the 21st century live.

The one-sided debate

The Earth is warming up.That's an inescapable fact. The northern hemisphere crept out from under the most recent cooling phase (which began around 1250 AD) in 1930. Science refers to that cooling phase as the Little Ice Age. That's an inescapable fact, too. While a handful of scientists, now estimated to be about 9% of those studying climate change, believe that climate change is orchestrated by man, the inescapable truth is climate change is caused by solar cycles and not man. Carbon dioxide levels do not, have not, and will not precipitate climate change. What's more, the ecoalarmists like Timothy Wirth and Al Gore know it.

The ecoalarmists insist that climate change is triggered by increases in greenhouse gases that shroud the planet over time, trapping heat in the atmosphere like an atrium and raising the surface temperature of the planet. Climate change. Satellite imagery and high altitude balloon temperature data retrieval confirm that the lower atmosphere is not trapping the volume of heat needed to impact global climate since it is high altitude temperature upheavals not low altitude temperature changes that determine climate change.

Second, oxygen-16 and oxygen-18 isotope ice core samples in both the Arctic and sub-Arctic and the Antarctic and carbon-14 and beryllium-10 isotope samples presents hard evidence of both the Earth's temperatures and the history of increases in carbon dioxide levels. It is an inescapable fact that carbon dioxide (greenhouse gas) is not the culprit that is causing climate change since in every instance where both factors are measured, temperature increases precede the buildup of carbon dioxide. What that means is that it warms first, and the increased temperatures precipitate increased levels of Co2. That, also, is an inescapable fact even though the ecoalarmists are doing their level best to erase the world's climate history since the facts disprove the theory that increased levels of carbon dioxide cause global warming.

Ice core graphs from the north and south extremities of the planet, together with isotope samples in more moderate regions of the planet have confirmed the medieval warming period that made Greenland "green" and warmed the northern hemisphere. Clearly the medieval warming was not caused by the exorbitant use of fossil fuels just as carbon dioxide from factories and car exhausts is not causing the current cycle of climate change. The impact man has on the climate is less than 1%.

...tree ring samples collected from bristlecone pines in the Sierra Nevada Mountains showed a major growth spurt after 1910. Temperature alone cannot account for major growth spurts in mature trees. Growth spurts come from feeding the tree. Co2 acts as fertilizer for trees and other plants. Plantlife needs Co2 to grow. When tree rings show growth spurts there is always a parallel increase in the level of Co2 in the air. The more Co2, the more growth. Temperature can be calculated from the distance between the tree rings, with wider spaces between the rings as the climate warms. The Mann samples actually prove that the warming occurred first, followed by increased levels of Co2?once again, disproving the theories of the ecoalarmists who insist that manmade greenhouse gases are responsible for global warming.

PART 3 of 3
The whole truth about climate change

I said it already. The Earth is warming up. There is no dispute here. The dispute is over the cause, and whether or not, through regulation, global warming can be reversed. Every 1,500 years or so, with super cycles every 10,000 to 30,000 years, this planet we call home will experience cataclysmic climate change. It does not require a meteorite slamming into Earth, or a catastrophic volcanic eruption. The catalyst that causes climate change is our sun. Do the environmentalists know this? Yes, they do. In 2005 Habibullo Abdussamatov, head of the St. Petersburg Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory in Russia discovered that the current warming cycle on Earth is also taking place on our two closest neighbors?Mars and Venus. Abdussamatov's findings were physically confirmed by NASA by NASA's Global Surveyor and Odyssey which recorded the carbon dioxide ice caps at Mars' south pole has been melting for three years. Surface temperatures on Venus have risen from an average of 470F to 513F. Clearly, cars on the LA freeway didn't cause that to happen, nor did carbon fuel pollution from America's dwindling factories. Regardless how Gore and the eco-idiots spin it, they are going to be hard-pressed to convinced intelligent Americans that body heat in our crowded urban centers, or carbon fuel pollutants caused the temperatures to spike on Mars and Venus.

Based on the NASA statistics, the world's astrophysicists sided with the climatologists who denounced global warming as a man-made dilemma. Nir Shaviv, an Israeli astrophysicist argued before the IPCC that " activity can explain a large part of 20th century global warming." Shaviv argued that while "...the melting of the arctic ice sheets is indicative of global warming, there is absolutely no scientific evidence that proves Co2 and other greenhouse gases are the culprits that caused it...Using computer models to find [ecological] fingerprints is hard..." because computer models are not based on facts but on suppositions of what previously happened, and what the author of the model thinks will happen in the future. Everyone's models are different because each is based on opinion and not evidence. However, the statistics compiled by the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration [NOAA}. NASA and the International Solar Energy Society [ISES] are not based on suppositions and guesswork but on factual evidence. Solar activity determines the temperatures of Earth?and, of course, on Mars and Venus and the other planets as well. Variations in the cyclic solar activity drives warming and cooling throughout the solar system. The environmentalists do not want to discuss global warming on Mars and Venus since it raises questions about the origin of climate change and makes their suppositions that sweaty old fat people, flatulating cows, car exhaust or carbon fuel pollutants from factories are responsible for climate change?even on neighboring planet where there are no fat, sweaty people, flatulating cows, or factories churning out tons of greenhouse gases.

3.  "Counter Conspiracy Theory Suggestions and the Big Oil Money".
Is Big Oil Money behind US Pressure on Israel?
See the picture of the ship "Condoleeeza Rice" owned by the Chevron Oil Company.
[The ship has since been re-named.]
Is Big Oil Money behind the proliferation of Conspiracy Freaks?
Remeber that Henry Ford subsidized publication of the Protocols and helped anti-Semites in Germany of the 1930s.
realize that ALL Conspiracy Freaks are basically anti-Semites and that the oil companies often have Arab Masters and at all events a financial incentive to do the Arab bidding.
The Oil Companies have always been against Israel.
Is Big Oil Money behind the propaganda "trashing-down" of genuine ecological worries?
Alternate energy sources and less oil pollution means less oil consumed which means less money for the Oil-Grease-Boys.

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