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Ephraimite Forum-49
Date: 24/March/08 17th Adar-2 5768
1. African Slavery in Palestine - Gone With the Wind
2. Brian Patmore
:  Amerindians and the Maoris
3. Archaeology: Brit-Am Version of
Explorator 10.48

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1. African Slavery in Palestine - Gone With the Wind
by Ami Isseroff

The practice of enslaving Africans was made illegal in most of the Western world in the 19th century. In the Middle East, however, under the Muslim Ottoman Empire, it persisted. In the area later to be called Palestine, there was an apartheid society of slave owners. When the colonialist imperialist British, supported by the  evil Zionists, entered the land and carved up the former Ottoman Turkish Empire, they discouraged and tried to stop slavery. But the real end to slavery did not, apparently, come, until after the 'Nakba,' the catastrophe of Jewish restoration in 1948, which ended so many delightful customs of the Palestinian Arabs.

In Saudi Arabia, this quaint and picturesque custom, which gave so much romance to the world, was only abolished in 1961, under pressure from the American imperialists. No doubt, the conscience of every humanitarian must be appalled by this blatant interference in the society of another people.

2. Brian Patmore: Amerindians and the Maoris
From: Brian Patmore <>

Shalom Yair,

Regarding the Amerindians and the Maoris.

I have many Maori frineds her in Brisbane and one is a very old gentleman with a great knowledge of his people.

There are courses of study available in New Zealand relating to the history of the Maori people and the land, their origins etc etc.

He told me that the ancestors came from a land across the Pacific Ocean to the East and it was called Pidu Pidu.

The story of the great wooden ships, balsas (raft like ships) and the great canoes are legendary and known to most of the world, especially the people of the Pacific and especially Peru in South America, from whence my wife, Estela, comes from.

Thor Heyerdahl, the great Norwegian explorer and professor, carried out the Kon Tiki and Rah expeditions to prove that the ancients traversed the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and that many of the peoples in this path were descended from these explorers/settlers etc.

The construction of craft from the totora reed is of particular interest as well as the actual balsas/raft type ships.

I have seen much of this whilst in Lima Peru and in The Anthropological Museum there are the rudders from some of these ships.

The culture that most is renowned for these ships were the Chimu people, who were great philosophers, mathematicians, engineers, navigators, traders etc etc, who were conquered by the Incas (a Roman type of culture) just prior to the arrival of the Spaniards.

The legend goes in Peru that the great leader, Viracochas Kon Tiki Toroa, who brought civilization to South America, was later pursued by other light skinned men of evil intent, from the East, and he left with a massive armada from Peru to cross the Pacific.

In most of the islands of the Pacific this same legend is repeated and in fact the Maoris, themselves an Incan style of culture with many similar customs, dances, dress etc, themselves call the great leader as Viracochas Kontiki Toroa.

Many native plates of food are the same and many of the islands have native Andean foods.

Most native American Indian peoples walk with feet parallel, not pigeon toed or otherwise, including the love of my life, Estela (if I do not give her a plug my life will not be worth living.)

Also there is a trait amongst some of the peoples of not having wet wax in the ears, and this is also the same in some parts of Peru.

The Maori have a traditional belief that they are a thirteenth tribe of Israel, which fits into some of their ancient legends. This was stated to me by many Maoris but I do not as yet have the details of its origin in legend and tradition.

Some of the Peruvian People are very similar to Maori, Samoan etc etc, remember that Peru was once a vast empire, referred to  Tijua Tinsuyo (the empire of the Four Winds - to emphasise its vastness).

Regarding the very large raft-ships used for the transport of troops, merchandise and raw materials, they were still being used  at the time of the Spaniards and the Spaniards could never figure how they were maneuvered. There were slots in various places in the decks and the Captain would shout orders to the sailors to pick up vertical rudders out of one slot and drop them (there were various) down into others in ordered to steer the ship. They were all at least eight feet (8 ft) tall by two feet wide and at least four feet (4 ft) thick. The Museum has many on display.

I think that is all for now, but there is much that I have seen over the years that does link the peoples in some way or another.

May the blessings of Hashem encourage all and do please have patience regarding the future union of our people. We are supposed to obey the wishes of Hashem, Our Father in Heaven, who only wants the best for all of us and that we are all together in safety.


3. Archaeology: Brit-Am Version of Explorator 10.48
explorator 10.48 March 23, 2008
Iraqi archaeologists have found a major Babylonian town:

News of these First Temple remains was just beginning to trickle
out in our last issue: (Israel News ... video)

A Second Temple coin was found in Jerusalem's Old City: (MFA) (JPost)

The DAI has unearthed a 7th century B.C./B.C.E. Sabaean temple in

Jewish reactions to pagan statuary:

How the Greek Agora changed the world:

Jennifer Lockett gave a talk on Roman cults at TCU:

More coverage of that Mycenean harbour found by the SHARP folks: (LS via Yahoo),2933,338910,00.html

More coverage of that Jewish inscription from a burial in Austria: (JPost)

Remains of a Neolithic chambered tomb (?) on a Scottish beach:

Interesting Bronze Age burial with 'beer mug' from Kent:

More 'hobbit' coverage:

New Zealand Archaeology eNews:

Another seafaring peopling of the Americas theory:

... and a different spin:

Reviewish sort of thing/interview on the early years of baseball:
What DNA tells us about the European colonization of South/Central

On the use of LiDAR to find ancient sites: (Dispatch)

Interesting project on trans-pacific rafts:

On beer and publication in science:

The (ersatz) Templars are in the news again:

John McCain is descended from Robert the Bruce?:

The next 'voyage recreation' will apparent be Necho's circumnavigation
of Africa: (Independent)

Interview with Tom Wolfe on the evolution of speech:

Out of our purview, but of interest ... a mummified dinosaur:

Reviewish sort of thing of Anthony Pagden, *Worlds at War*:

More coverage of the 'six mothers' theory of the peopling of the


Altenberg (sort of touristy):
[please send in suggestions! current digs only please!]

Tel Dan:

Tudors (Season 2):
Ancient Library:

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