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Ephraimite Forum-47
Date: 14/March/08 7th Adar-2 5768
1. Evidence of Jews in Austria in 200s CE
2. Ancient Jerusalem: Netanyahu lived ca. 600 BCE!
3. Synagogue from 300s CE discovered in West Germany

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1. Evidence of  Jews in Austria in 200s CE
An undated handout picture from the University of Vienna released March 11, 2008, shows a golden amulet which was found in the small village of Halbthurn in Austria's province Burgenland. The University of Vienna said on Tuesday the amulet is the oldest archaeological evidence of Jewish presence ever found in Austria and dates back to the third century after Christ . The Greek letters on the amulet read SUMA ISTRAH LADW NEELW HADAWt NA meaning 'Hear Our Israel, The Lord Is Our God, The Lord Is One'.
REUTERS/University of Vienna/Handout (AUSTRIA)

2. Ancient Jerusalem: Netanyahu lived ca. 600 BCE!
A rich layer of finds from the latter part of the First Temple period (8th-6th centuries BCE) was recently discovered in archaeological salvage excavations that are being carried out in the northwestern part of the Western Wall plaza, c. 100 meters west of the Temple Mount.

Another impressive artifact that was found in the salvage excavations is a personal Hebrew seal made of a semi-precious stone that was apparently inlaid in a ring. The scarab-like seal is elliptical and measures c. 1.1 cm x 1.4 cm. The surface of the seal is divided into three strips separated by a double line: in the upper strip is a chain decoration in which there are four pomegranates and in the two bottom strips is the name of the owner of the seal, engraved in ancient Hebrew script. It reads: ([belonging] to Netanyahu ben Yaush).
The two names are known in the treasury of biblical names: the name (Netanyahu) is mentioned a number of times in the Bible (in the Book of Jeremiah and in Chronicles) and the name (Yaush) appears in the Lachish letters. The name Yaush, like the name (Yoshiyahu) is, in the opinion of Professor Shmuel Ahituv, derived from the root "OSH" which means "he gave a present" (based on Arabic and Ugaritic). It is customary to assume that the owners of personal seals were people that held senior governmental positions.
It should nevertheless be emphasized that this combination of names - (Netanyahu ben Yaush) was unknown until now.

3. Synagogue from 300s CE discovered in West Germany
From: "eleazar ben yair"
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 16:51:52 +0100 (CET)
Subject:  Ancient Synagogue uncovered in Cologne

German Newspapers report the discovery of the remains of a 4th century CE synagogue near the current city hall. It was also the site of a later synagogue, but this would be the oldest synagogue ever found in Germany by some 500 years, with the later synagogue on the same site holding that record until now. It dates back to the time of Emperor Constantine, Cologne was reported to have had a large and prosperous Jewish communityin 321 CE.

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