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Date: 6/January/08 26 Tebet 5768
1. "Land of the Dead" found in North Wales?
2. Archaeology: Temple Mount Sifting- Volunteers Wanted
3. Zionism - Interesting Site

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1. "Land of the Dead" found in North Wales?

Dec 24 2007 by Steve Bagnall, Daily Post

A NINETEENTH century map in a North Wales town hall could unravel one of Celtic history's most enduring mysteries - the location of the legendary Land of the Dead.

The map at Llangollen town hall could potentially rewrite the history of one of the world?s greatest hidden landmarks, a Celtic history expert claims.

According to Welsh mythology the Land of the Dead - or Annwn: Celtic Underworld - was ruled over by Gwynn ap Nudd. He escorted the souls of the dead there, and led a pack of supernatural hounds.

For centuries this place has believed to be pure fable.

But, experts say there is a grain of truth in the story from which it developed, with the evidence now pointing to Ruabon and Halkyn Mountains.

Steve Blake, author of the Keys to Avalon, which argued the myths of King Arthur are firmly rooted in North Wales, said: "Llangollen and the Dee Valley are rich in this piece of Celtic folklore.

"Central to this is St Collen, from whom Llangollen takes its name, who in the sixth century established the church and surrounding area as his parish.

"One story has him battling Gwyn ap Nudd on a nearby hill. Glastonbury Abbey have claimed St Collen as its first Abbot, with this and many
"This is despite him being almost exclusively mentioned in early Welsh texts, Llangollen being named after him and his actual grave being recorded in the churchyard as late as the 18th century.

"Why would someone leave their home parish, travel 200 miles over hostile enemy territory to set up an abbey in a marsh? It doesn?t make sense."

But archaeology and a late 19th century Ordinance Survey map on the wall of Llangollen town hall could help substantiate the North Wales claim to some legends held dear by Glastonbury.

Research and surveys have high-lighted the greatest concentration of bronze and iron age burial chambers anywhere in the world on Ruabon and Halkyn mountains.

This points to the area being extremely significant with an ancient Welsh work entitled the Stanzas of the Graves giving a clue to whom is actually buried there.

"The Stanzas indicate people of nobility from all over the Celtic world were brought here for burial, making it one of their most important and sacred places.

"Indeed, the whole area is bordered by the River Dee, which is still regarded as the most sacred of Celtic rivers, which adds more fuel to the fire," said Mr Blake.

It is believed there are in excess of 500 burial chambers on the mountain although modern maps only show those on the edges of the Eglwyseg escarpment.

This is because the vast majority were destroyed during World War II as the area was used for decoy bombing."

2. Archaeology: Temple Mount Sifting- Volunteers Wanted
Since construction of an underground mosque on the Temple Mount (also known as the Haram es-Sharif) began in 1999, hundreds of tons of dirt and debris have been dumped in the Kidron Valley. Beginning in November 2004, veteran archaeologist Gabriel Barkay and his student Zachi Zweig have been sifting through this debris to recover whatever archaeological information they can.

So far Barkay and Zweig have found hundreds of ancient coins, jewelry, tesserae, arrowheads, a 2-foot long marble column, Egyptian scarabs, fragmented architectural remnants from Second Temple period monumental structures, Iron Age seals, fragments of figurines, weights and thousands of other finds.

The project is always looking for volunteers to come and help them sort through the thousands of years of history hidden in the dirt. They ask that individuals devote at least three days, and groups at least one day, to help them out.

Cost: None (if you stay more than three days)

Contact: (contact at least one week before)

Go to above URL to see Video of Muslim Mechanical Excavation of the Temple Mount

3. Zionism - Interesting Site
see the article:
"Quakers for guns"
by Ami Isseroff


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