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21 June 2010 9 Tammuz 5770
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1.Europeans Have Physically Become More Like People From the Middle East!!!
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1. Europeans Have Physically Become More Like People From the Middle East!!!
The Ancient European were different from present day Europeans in the physical sense. The physical types of Europeans 3000-2000 years (and less) ago were different and in some cases more Asiatic in type.  This has changed. They have become more similar to peoples who at that time populated the Middle East. Climatic and environmental factors may be responsible.
Or it may be due to the migration of peoples from the Middle East into Europe. This would be consistent with Brit-Am beliefs.
At all events, it is a phenomenon worth noting.
The quotes below are taken from different sources and whoever is interested may check them out. It is a rough sample of fact, opinion, and observation on the matter. Doubtless much more of the same could be found with a little effort. 

Quoted Sources:
(a) Mongoloid and Other Foreign Traits Amongst Northern Europeans
Originally Posted by

But you do not see any mongoloid traits with the Netherlands and Danes. I suppose that they are the purest
nordic and falish people.
Actually all Scandinavians all slight Mongoloid traits. It is more marked in some regions, like
Gotland island or northern Sweden. There is a substantial amount of Siberian haplogroups in Scandinavia (e.g. 7% of N1c1 and 0.5% of Q in Sweden, and up to 5% of mtDNA A, C and D). Some places invaded by the Vikings, like Orkney, have more haplogroup Q than in modern Scandinavia, so Vikings could have been more Mongoloid-looking too. Actually, we could go as far as to say that Mongoloid DNA is what distinguishes Nordic people from other Europeans. Finland and Baltic countries, which have the highest percentage of both fair hair and blue eyes have the highest percentage of Siberian haplogroups (60% of Y-DNA in Finland).

Physical traits can change fast. Skeletons from Europeans 2000 years ago are quite different from that of modern Europeans. In the 10,000 year explosion, the author explains that people back then often had strong brow ridges, a trait that has nearly completely disappeared in modern Europeans.


(b) And
browrigdes: this is characteristic for farmers and sailors at the North Sea (Friesland, north Germany and Jutland). Probably descendants
of the
Bruenn/Aurignac and Borreby men who lived in southwest France during the Ice Age. See Coon: Races of the Europe (chapter the Netherlands).

A joke:
Virchow (a German anthropologist 19e century, thought that he saw real Neanderthalers in the Dutch province of Friesland).

(c) north euros have east
asian dna? some nordics do have higher cheekbones or smaller narrow eyes! i noticed! i think that the big eyed long nose races were from arabs africa or south asia! nordics are part finnic uralic possibly! people i seen with the biggest eyes are almost always south asians! they have huge eyes and longer nose they are the opposite of east asian! people in italy and greece got huge big eyes as well not as big as india indians or mid easterns though!

(d) Another study compared the Y-DNA of Hungarians with other
Finno-Ugric-speaking populations in order to understand why modern Hungarians have so little of the typical Uralic haplogroup N1c. They tested a few individuals from a 10th-century cemetery found out that half of the individuals belonged to N1c. The sample was small, and maybe "pure" Magyar, but it nonetheless suggests that the original Magyar had much more N1c than modern Hungarians.

The Magyar population is thought to have suffered considerably from the 13th-century Mongol invasion of Europe, and from the 16th-century war against the Ottomans. Hungary was repopulated in great number by ethnic Germans/Austrians, which explains why modern Hungary is closest to Austria for its Y-DNA composition.

From all this can be deduced that the original Magyars were an admixture of N1c and R1a (predominant), with some G1, and maybe some R1b.

Where is the proof that R1b contributed fair hair and eyes to Europe? Isn't R1b also closely linked to the Amerindians and others who have dark hair and eyes. Didn't blue eyes develop somewhere around the Baltic sea- not the area of introduction of R1b near the Black sea around Georgia and the Ukraine? How are the people of Italy's southern heel, Apulia for example, much lighter then most of central western Europe? They are nearly up to 50% blond according to the recent maps and I thought from your previous posts that they are really Greco-Roman and not
Italo-celtic (as you put it- although I'm am still looking for proof of the term Italo-celtic) How did you come up with your beliefs since they are not based on fact?

Are you aware that the early Indo-Europeans (e.g.
Pontic-Caspian Neolithic, the R1a and R1b "homeland") were mostly Proto-Europoids, meaning that they had mixed Europoid and Mongoloid traits (very broad, thick-boned faces, lower skulls). Ancient and modern Egyptians and Near Easterners on the contrary were/are gracile and narrow faced with high skulls. Whether you base your comparison on ancient skeletons or ancient depictions of Egyptians, it shows that the Egyptian and Levantine population almost haven't changed at all over time in this regard.
According to anthropologist David Anthony in his book The Horse, The Wheel, and Language, steppe people of the Bug-
Dniester and later Yamna culture were all low-skulled, very wide-faced Proto-Europoids (mixed European and Mongoloid traits). He also mentions that the early Yamna settlers in the Danube basin (3000-2600 BCE), in places like Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary, were still the same Proto-Europoids, contrasting neatly with the gracile, high-skulled and narrow-faced people of "Old Europe".


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