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Updates in DNA studies along with Anthropological Notes of general interest with a particular emphasis on points pertinent to the study of Ancient Israelite Ancestral Connections to Western Peoples as explained in Brit-Am studies.


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BAMAD no. 51
Brit-Am Anthropology and DNA Update
20 April 2009, 26 Nisan 5769
1. Ulster is 46% Scottish!
U'Neil is 20% in Northwest Ireland
3. Israelite and Noahic Haplogroup Hypotheses

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1. Ulster is 46% Scottish!
The mutation spectrum of hyperphenylalaninaemia in the Republic of Ireland: the population history of the Irish revisited
An analysis of mutant allele distributions in Ulster, Scotland and the rest of Ireland confirmed that Ulster has been a zone of considerable admixture between the Irish and Scottish populations, indicating a proportion of Scottish admixture in Ulster approaching 46%. Mutations primarily associated with Scandinavia accounted for 6.1% of mutations overall, illustrating the influence of Viking incursions on Irish population history.

2. U'Neil is 20% in Northwest Ireland
A Y-Chromosome Signature of Hegemony in Gaelic Ireland
Seventeen-marker simple tandem repeat genetic analysis of Irish Y chromosomes reveals a previously unnoted modal haplotype that peaks in frequency in the northwestern part of the island. It shows a significant association with surnames purported to have descended from the most important and enduring dynasty of early medieval Ireland, the U'Neill. This suggests that such phylogenetic predominance is a biological record of past hegemony and supports the veracity of semimythological early genealogies. The fact that about one in five males sampled in northwestern Ireland is likely a patrilineal descendent of a single early medieval ancestor is a powerful illustration of the potential link between prolificacy and power and of how Y-chromosome phylogeography can be influenced by social selection.

3. Israelite and Noahic Haplogroup Hypotheses
Brit-Am Remarks:
This URL judging by the Bibliography is run by an Ephraimite follower of  the Angus and Batya Wooten House of David grouping.
The site is useful for its links and perhaps for some its suggestions.
They seem to want to trace the Lost Ten Tribes to the DNA Y-Haplogroups R, Q, and N with an emphasis on R.
R is found mostly amongst most West ("Celts"?) and East Europeans ("Slavs"?), and Indian "Aryans".
Q amongst Siberian Natives, N in Amerindians.
This to our mind is an exaggeration and incorrect.
Nevertheless the site makes for light reading and may be worth looking at.

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