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Updates in DNA studies along with Anthropological Notes of general interest with a particular emphasis on points pertinent to the study of Ancient Israelite Ancestral Connections to Western Peoples as explained in Brit-Am studies.


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1. Mormon Founder, Joseph Smith Descended from Nial?
Yair Davidiy Challenge to Experts Remains Unanswered?
3. The Genetic Map of Europe:
Interesting and important Observations

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1. Mormon Founder, Joseph Smith Descended from Nial?
DNA shows Joseph Smith was Irish (from Nial)
By Michael De Groote

2. Yair Davidiy Challenge to DNA Experts Remains Unanswered?

From: yair <>
Subject: [DNA-R1B1C7] The Increase??
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2008 06:09:31 +0200

The Increase??
Re: [DNA-R1B1C7] MRCA of R1b1b2e as early as 1388 CE??
At 06:43 AM 10/7/2008, David Wilson wrote:
First, a clarification. Any individual who carries or carried the M222
SNP belongs/belonged to haplogroup R1b1b2e as it is currently termed by Family Tree DNA and the YCC. The single individual in whom the M222 mutation first occurred is clearly the common ancestor of all these individuals.

Yair Replied:
OK. Thank you. And you yourself as you have said incline to the view that the MRCA lived around 1000 CE.
The total world population of R1b1b2e has been estimated as between ca. 2 million to 4 million (I have seen both figures referred separately). If we add in females that gives us ca. 4 to 8 million possible descendants from one ancestor in 1000 years.
Quite an achievement, think you not?

By way of comparison,
The Bible says that the Children of Israel sojourned in Egypt for 400 years and increased and multiplied.
From 70 males of the family of Jacob who went down to Egypt they increased to 600,000.
Skeptics have claimed that such an increase is extremely unlikely or impossible yet now the experts are saying that the MRCA (Nial?) of R1b1b2e all on his own did just as well or even better!!
And this is after the Great Irish Famine and other numerous disasters that decimated the Irish population??

I personally am quite ready to believe that the proposed increase could have somehow taken place.
I am however surprised that others also accept it.
Could you comment please?
Even so far as to say that I have indeed understood what you are saying correctly would help.
Yair Davidiy

3. The Genetic Map of Europe:
Interesting and important Observations

The isolation of Finnish genetics can be explained by the fact that they were at one time a very small population, preserving its genetic idiosyncrasies as it expanded.
The relative isolation of Italian genetics is probably due to the Alps, providing a geographic barrier to the free and unhindered flow of population to and from Italy, Although Hannibal, the Celtic and Germanic influence in Italy's north and of course the expansion of the Roman Empire would seem to contradict this.
Yugoslav genetic variation is quite large (hence the big pink blob), and overlaps with the Greek, Romanian, Hungarian, Czech and even the Italian ones.
There is surprisingly little overlap between the northern and southern German populations, each of which has more in common with their other neighbours (Danish/Dutch/Swedish in the northern case, Austrian/Swiss/French in the other one).
The Polish population is quite eccentric as well, only significantly overlapping with the Czech one (and only minimally with the northern German one).
The Swiss population is entirely subsumed by the French one, similarly, the Irish population almost doesn't show any characteristics that would distinguish it from the British one.
British and Irish insularity probably explains why so much of their genetic area is not shared with their closest European cousins, i.c. the Norwegian/Danish/Dutch cluster.

Brit-Am Comments:
Note Irish and British considered genetically the same and separate from the others!
Swiss here considered identical with the French yet some Swiss Nationalists in the past have identified more with the Germans.

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