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Updates in DNA studies along with Anthropological Notes of general interest with a particular emphasis on points pertinent to the study of Ancient Israelite Ancestral Connections to Western Peoples as explained in Brit-Am studies.


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1. Link with Selection of Articles on Y-Chromosome Links
PubMed abstract: surnames and Y-DNA in Ireland. Highlights
3. South Africa: DNA of Afrikaners. Highlights

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1. Link with Selection of Articles on Y-Chromosome Links
Page contains a nice selection of interesting articles
under several headings, e.g.
The Genetic Legacy of the Mongols
If Irish Claim Nobility, Science May Approve (New York Times)
The Y Chromosome and Personal Genetic Archaeology (Kuro5hin)
Jewish Population Genetics (NY Times)
The Central Siberian Origin for Native American Y Chromosomes (American Journal of Human Genetics)
Europe's 10 founding 'fathers' (BBC News)
Europe's seven female founders (BBC News)
Y-chromosome Reveals The Genesis Flood Account. (Hugh Ross, Ph.D.)
Y-Chromosome Adam? (Answers in Genesis)
and many more.

2. PubMed abstract: surnames and Y-DNA in Ireland. Highlights
"Genetic Investigation of the
Patrilinear Kinship Structure of Early Medieval Ireland"
Brian McEvoy, Katherine Simms, Brian G. Bradley
Modern surnames are evidence of shared patrilineal kinship confirmed by DNA studies of Irish men.
Ireland has a large body of surviving genealogical records in  some cases as far back as the 600s CE.
IMH (Irish Modal Haplotype) highly specific (20%) to northwest. Neil lineage.
Traced back to 1010  (standard deviation 390) years before present (YBP) i.e. 1388 [998] to 608 CE!! [Much more recent than ALL previous estimates!].
Other leading clans such as Eoganacht and Dal Cais in the south (Munster) that also claimed descent from Neil had different DNA and different branches proved to be often not related to each other.

3. South Africa: DNA of Afrikaners. Highlights
Article concentrates on DNA of one particular family but also discusses Afrikaner (Dutch Boer) DNA
in general. Very interesting.
7% of non-European origin mostly female i.e. 14% mtDNA.
Mostly Bantu and Khoisan (Bushmen).
Founder effects.
Very small number of original population who multiplied and intermarried with each other.  Many marriages of related kin who married and re-married with each other. Genetical illnesses.
Relative nationality % of founding father disputed and difficult to determine.
One opinion: Msotly Dutch.
Another claims:  third French, third German, third Dutch.
[Another claim, not mentioned here, is that ca. half were German.]
Old church records from 1600s onwards reliable. Good genealogy trials.

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