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Brit-Am Anthropology and DNA Update
1. DNA and Biological Warfare Against Israelites?
Nial DNA Amongst Scots-Irish
3. Y chromosomes of Hungarians

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1. DNA and Biological Warfare Against Israelites?
From: David Tempelhoff

Hello Yair,
 Is it fair to say that the Holocaust was an outgrowth of Social evolutionary theories formulated by Darwin in the 19thC?
Is it fair to say that Hitler used these so called social scientific truths to justify his ideas of developing a master Race?
Is it fair to say that Hitler conspired to destroy Judah by disguising his plans in a cloak of socialism that would better Germany?
Is it fair to say that similar ideas are still imbedded in many nations social programs whether Facist, Communist, or Socilaist? ( abortion, euthanasia etc)
BIO Medical Industrial complex------ would be a great tool to facilitate Global  social engineering plans.
 I was told that many of the 3rd Reichs top Scientists were transplanted to the USA and given jobs and able to further there research after WW2.
 Would it be possible to develop a strain or sickness ( cancer, disease) that only affected a certain gene type?
Its fair to say that certain genetic types have a presupposition toward certain things like the ability to digest lactose.
If an individual, group, organization or movement wanted to destroy a people like Israel they might be able to develop a sickness that attaches itself to an enzime that is unique to those people and quietly over time poison them through vaccines, certain medications and food.
"Plan for the worst and hope for the best"
The Holocaust took place less than 65 years ago. Thats nothing in the span of time.
I don't think we should be paranoid but I do think we should be realistic and sober minded protecting ourselves and our families from possible infection.
This thread might be worthy of research or then it might not.
David Tempelhoff

Brit-Am Replies:
You asked whether or not "the Holocaust was an outgrowth of Social evolutionary theories formulated by Darwin in the 19thC?"
From reading publications published at the time the impression is received that, These theories were accepted by the intellectual elites of Europe .  There was a great deal of naivety at the time.
People believed in Science. They thought that Science had all the answers.
They also tended to think that whatever the scientists told them must be true.
There was a tendency to think that Northern peoples were inherently superior and that some peoples (including Jews) had something inherently wrong with them.
These thoughts were wedded to traditional Jew-hatred.
This however is Only a very Partial explanation for the Holocaust.
It could have occurred even without the "scientific" rationale.
I would not say that the "scientific" rationale was any stronger than the pseudo-mystical "New Age" witchcraft-type element in Nazi thinking.
Hitler never really hid his intentions towards the Jews. He built himself up through advertising his hatred and maliciousness. On the other hand he usually lead others to believe that he would be much less murderous than he was.
On the one hand Abortion programs, euthaniasia, eugenics, etc all often cloak "master race" concepts and emanate from a similar mindset to that which gave rise to the Holocaust.
On the other hand Hitler was more or less a vegetarian but that does not make all vegetarians closet Nazis.
The Nazis also developed the Volkswagen but that does not make everyone who drives one of those cars an anti-Semite!
One should be careful not to take comparisons and analogies too far.
The Nazis and others had undertaken research into biological warfare.
At the end of WW2 the Americans and British (as well as the Russians) were interested in this research and in German Science in general. They took German scientists to their own countries, gave them support and facilities, and if they had committed war crimes (such as exploiting and killing slave laborers) usually overlooked them.
Nowadays biological warfare research also includes aspects of DNA findings.
The probabilities are that:
It might theoretically be possible to develop genetically-specific diseases (a) That would harm most Black Africans but not most white ones even though many "whites" (such as those of North Africa as well as many in Southern Europe) have similar DNA to Black Africans.
(b) The Japanese, Chinese, or Koreans, etc could theoretically develop something that would harm most white North Americans, while leaving most Asians and native Amerindians untouched.
It would appear to me that the DNA of Europeans and Middle Eastern Peoples is too similar for any genetically-specific illness to be developed that would touch one group and not harm another. 
There is however a genetic division between North Europeans and South Europeans
irrespective of genetic type. Most Ashkenazic Jews (even those of Northern Europe) are of the southern type and an invading North European force theoretically could use something against them.
There is always the chance however of these things backfiring.
We would not suggest that anybody become overly concerned on these matters.
If we do well the Almighty will look after us and our peoples unless HE has decreed otherwise.
If a person tries to take into account all contingencies he is liable to drive himself crazy.
It is good to use purified or mineral water for drinking purposes and cleaner food.
This includes "Kosher" brands which may not be perfect but relatively speaking they are usually an improvement on the alternatives.

2. Nial DNA Amongst Scots-Irish
David Wilson:
 At base, the Scots-Irish descend from the population of Scots (and a few culturally similar Northern English) who relocated first to Northern Ireland in the 17th century, and then from Northern Ireland to the colonies in the 18th century. There are lots of R1b1c7 individuals in the United States who descend from Irish immigrants who had no recent Scottish roots, and plenty of direct immigrants from Scotland whose family members did not first participate in the Plantation of Ulster.

Also, if you look at the Scots-Irish in the narrowest definition of their identity, not more than 10-20 percent of all SI immigrants will be R1b1c7, which means that the vast majority -- some 80-90 percent -- are not. Why would we think this? Because that's the percentage of R1b1c7 today in the counties from which the majority of the SI immigrants came to North America.

I think it will be generally true that the broad regional movements of the Scots-Irish in North America will reflect the movement of SOME R1b1c7 families. But there will be other North American R1b1c7 families that distributed themselves to different colonies (and eventually states) without making use of the Appalachian highways and gaps that we strongly associate with the SI....

To recap my rough estimate: about 10-20 percent of North Americans with SI roots will be R1b1c7; about one third to one half of all R1b1c7 in North American will descend from the SI as defined above.
David Wilson

3. Y chromosomes of Hungarians
The Hungarian population belongs linguistically to the Finno-Ugric branch of the Uralic family. The Tat C allele is an interesting marker in the Finno-Ugric context, distributed in all the Finno-Ugric-speaking populations, except for Hungarians. This question arises whether the ancestral Hungarians, who settled in the Carpathian Basin, harbored this polymorphism or not. 100 men from modern Hungary, 97 Szeklers (a Hungarian-speaking population from Transylvania), and 4 archaeologically Hungarian bone samples from the 10th century were studied for this polymorphism. Among the modern individuals, only one Szekler carries the Tat C allele, whereas out of the four skeletal remains, two possess the allele. The latter finding, even allowing for the low sample number, appears to indicate a Siberian lineage of the invading Hungarians, which later has largely disappeared.

Haplogroup I was detected with almost equal frequency in the two modern populations: 24% in Hungarians and 21.7% in Szeklers...
The elevated frequency of Hg I1a together with higher frequency of R1b-M269 in Szekler population might be the consequence, at least in part, of the genetic impact of people of German origin, who settled in Transylvania from the 12th century onwards (Transylvanian Saxons)(Makkai, 1990; Krist? 2002).

The J1-M267 Y-chromosomal lineage is notably frequent in Szeklers (10.3%; a value far above the range for other central and eastern European populations (Semino et al., 2000a, 2004; Di Giacomo et al., 2004), while its frequency in Hungarians (3.0%) is unremarkable.

Interestingly, the two ancient indiviuals harboring Y-haplogroup N3 (anc21 and anc28) were also classified anthropologically as Europo-Mongolid, while anc21 harbored the Caucasoid mtDNA haplogroup H. This is consistent with the notion that the Mongoloid elements in ancient Hungarians fused with Caucasoid elements, although the results from the modern population suggests that the blend was finally overwhelmed by the Caucasoid component.

The two modern Hungarian-speaking populations, based on 22 Y-chromosomal binary markers, share similar components described for other Europeans, except for the presence of the haplogroup P*(xM173) in Szekler samples, which may reflect a Central Asian connection, and high frequency of haplogroup J in both Szeklers and Hungarians. MDS analysis based on haplogroup frequency values, confirms that modern Hungarian and Szekler populations are genetically closely related, and similar to populations from Central Europe and the Balkans.

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